Prospective Students Visit La Salle for a “Shadow Hour”

Lukas Werner, Staff Photographer

Prospective students arrived on campus at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 20, to attend a “shadow hour,” which allowed them to connect with student ambassadors at La Salle. “It allows them to hang out with ambassadors, get a feel for the school, and kind of feel like they have a place here for them,” said Ms. Keepes, the admissions coordinator. 

This week’s “shadow hour” was the second of four. As La Salle switches to a hybrid learning model, the “shadow hour” will be replaced with the previous “Falcon for a Day” visits.

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  • Student ambassadors were briefed on how the hour will go by Ms. Keepes.

  • All who attended filled out La Salle’s standard wellness check.

  • All prospective students received goodie bags at the end of the hour.

  • The prospective students received prizes for winning icebreaker games and drawings.

  • There were multiple icebreaker games such as a “Who am I?” prompt and cornhole.

  • In addition to icebreakers and games, prospective students were able to tour different parts of the school based on their interests.

  • Students and ambassadors posed for photos in front of the newly renovated athletic center.

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