Students Gather on Campus for a Christmas Film Festival

Fia Cooper, Staff Photographer

On Wednesday, Dec. 16, students from all grade levels gathered in the gym as they arrived for the Christmas Film Festival. Students signed up for this event the week before and were split into groups of 20 to watch either “Home Alone” or “Elf.”

After filling out a wellness check, students were able to tour the new locker rooms and facilities of the Saalfeld Athletic Center. Once they finished the tour, they gathered in the gym for a brief welcome from Ms. Banta, the Director of Community. Then, they headed to the library or theater to watch their respective movies. 

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  • Many students shared laughs as they waited their turn to fill out a wellness form.

  • Every student was required to wear a mask and complete a wellness form before entering.

  • All grades were welcome to sign up and attend the movie showings.

  • Seniors were able to catch up on events before the movies started.

  • When students arrived, they met in the gym first for a short welcome speech.

  • Students gathered in the library to watch Home Alone.


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