Going the Extra Mile: Why I Ride a Bike in Portland

Isaac Brown, Staff Reporter

In Portland, there is incredible infrastructure that creates safe and easy ways for the community to get around the city by bike.

I use my bike as my main form of transportation because it is great exercise, fast, cheap, and reliable, and best of all, it never gets boring on the street.

I ride a fixed gear — a bicycle with one gear and no ability to coast. 

Fixed gear bicycles are appealing due to their simplicity. With less components such as gears, brakes, and suspension, they are more durable in an urban environment. 

They also feature a fixed cog, meaning the pedals move with the wheel no matter the direction. 

This creates a unique situation where without modifications, the only way to brake is to apply pressure to your pedals to slow down, but it is far less safe this way. 

I choose to ride with a front brake added on because it is safer for myself and others. 

I also recommend wearing a helmet, using lights, being attentive to the streets or paths you are riding on, and following your local laws for maximum safety. 

In this video, I discuss why I ride, what I ride, and encourage you to give it a try, too.