Growth From Quarantine: Students Reflect On What They’ve Learned From the COVID-19 Pandemic

Brooklyn Chillemi and Dakota Canzano

You can hear your own footsteps in the hallways now — louder than before, lone and abrupt. 

Before, the halls of La Salle were full of chatter, with giggles among friends, loudly shouted questions about assignments in classes, and greetings bouncing from hallway to hallway as friends and teachers wave at each other while passing by.

Now, it’s eerily quiet. 

For many, this school year is not what they had hoped for — the coronavirus pandemic has created a multitude of challenges for students, testing them every day in quarantine.

To learn about what students have experienced, The Falconer interviewed six students and collected footage of student life from previous years at La Salle, contrasting it with new footage of what school looks like now. 

We set up a camera under the overhang outside the doors of the main lobby at La Salle and had students sit on the black, steel benches against the brick walls. 

It was a chilly afternoon that included freezing rain, gusts of wind, and numb hands. But, that didn’t stop us from our main goal of this project: learn about students’ experiences, what they have been missing, what they have taken for granted, and how they have grown.