From Indie to Surf Rock, Maya’s Fall Playlist


Lukas Werner

10 songs from multiple genres that set mood for whatever you’re doing during this fall season.

Maya Smith, Editor

The following article includes music containing explicit content.

With the seasons and weather constantly changing, so do my playlists and the music I listen to.

During this autumn season, and as the rain and leaves continue to fall, I find myself leaning towards music genres such as indie, surf rock, and everything in between, as they make me feel like I can curl up in bed while listening, complete my homework, or play as I’m driving and taking in the beautiful fall scenery. 

Here are 10 songs that I find myself playing on repeat during this fall season.  

“I’ve Been Waiting” – Briston Maroney

Indie rock artist Briston Maroney creates a song that expresses the intense emotions of waiting for someone to find their way into your life, with soft guitar and bold drums that perfectly accompany his passionate vocals.

“Marceline” – Vista Kicks


Vista Kicks’ rock song “Marceline” is one that will make you want to belt out the lyrics while you’re driving down the highway as the rain beats down on your car. Its rockin’ instrumentals introduce the vocals that switch between soft and powerful.

“The River” – Goth Babe

“The River” is a song by Griff Washburn, also known as Goth Babe, an indie artist who lives around the Pacific Northwest in a camper truck. This light-hearted mellow pop song will immerse you in a hazy dream-like state, imagining all the possibilities of what life holds for you. 

“Together” – beabadoobee

In the eleventh track on her most recent and debut album, “Fake It Flowers,” Beatrice Laus, also known as beadadoobee, discusses the trials and tribulations of a toxic relationship. The heart-wrenching lyrics portray the process of healing, with pain and then later growth. During the outro as she sings, “I think I’m okay by myself, I’m doing great.”  

“Black Licorice” – Peach Pit

Groovy guitar and upbeat instrumentals accompany the serious, hard-hitting lyrics that lead singer, Neil Smith, delivers in a delicate and soothing manner. These two elements combine together to create a musical masterpiece.

“Let It Go” – Vista Kicks, Audra Mae

This song will leave you feeling peaceful, melting away your stress and anxieties, due to its mellow instrumentals and lyrics. Allow “Let It Go” to help you decompress and transform your brain into a carefree zone.

“Kahlil Gibran” – STRFKR

STRFKR is an indie pop band from Portland, Oregon that started in 2007. Their song “Khalil Gibran” will take over your mind and transport you into a dream world with its magical vibes.

“Dope on a Rope” – The Growlers

The Growlers are a surf rock and beach-goth band from Southern California, “Dope on a Rope” is the fifth song on The Growlers’ fifth album, “City Club”. In this song, raspy vocals, upbeat drums, and sweet guitar create a magnificent experience for your ears.

“Sinking Ship” – The Backseat Lovers

Gentle guitar introduces The Backseat Lover’s song, “Sinking Ship,” and then soft and soothing vocals come in, which later on become slightly more intense. This rock song expresses the worry of holding back someone that’s close to you, even though you want them to grow and flourish. 

“Space Song” – Beach House

Beach house is a dream pop and indie rock band from Maryland. Their song “Space Song” incorporates instrumentals that make you feel as if you’re floating in space, with groovy guitar and different tones.

The Falconer has created a Spotify playlist featuring all of the songs above.