From Country to Alternative, Olivia’s Fall Playlist


Fia Cooper

This fall playlist includes 12 songs, with genres ranging from country to alternative.

Olivia Aragon, Staff Reporter

I always like to think of the fall season as a time of calmness, because there is just something about the leaves falling and the crisp cold air that makes one feel, for a moment, like it’s going to be okay.

Sometimes there are just those songs that feel like they belong in fall. From genres like country to alternative, this is my fall playlist. 

Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman 

The song “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman is a timeless classic that tells a story about a relationship that starts from the wrong place. With acoustic instruments playing in the background, this song feels like you are driving down an old road during fall.

Partners in Crime” by FINNEAS 

FINNEAS delivers with the song “Partners in Crime.” Although it’s unclear whether the song is about two friends who are in love or two exes, either way, it seems that the relationship is ended by a misunderstanding. As the guitar riffs spill into your ears, you will feel nothing but calm. 

“Old Eden” by Honeywater

Despite the song “Old Eden” coming out in 2016, it sounds like a classic. The instrumentals are kept simple with a guitar, piano, and drums. The song is sung from the perspective of the lead singer of Honey Water reflecting on the person that he is in love with. He is unsure where it all went wrong, but knows that all he wants is her, which is displayed through lyrics that read, “Well, it’s time for honesty/ I want love/ but I don’t just want love/ I want you.”

You and Me” by Lifehouse

“You and Me” by Lifehouse is a song I could never get tired of, as it sounds like a song perfect for the first dance of a wedding. It just makes me want to close my eyes and take in the lyrics, as the singer describes how being in the presence of their romantic partner makes them lose track of time.

Better Man” by Little Big Town

A song that sounds like classic country is “Better Man” by Little Big Town. This song is from the perspective of a woman reflecting on a past relationship. She realizes how toxic the relationship was, but she still misses her ex because of how romantic everything was in the beginning. 

The first time I listened to this song, I was touched by the soft ballad, the emotional lyrics that paint a painful picture, and the beautiful melodies that bring the whole song together. 

If I’m Being Honest” by Josh Kerr

Josh Kerr’s song “If I’m Being Honest” is about what happens when one gets away. Although he confesses in the song that the girl who got away is happy, he wishes that he would have been the one she’s marrying. This is a song filled with regret and honesty, as well as impressive vocals that make you think about what it’s like to feel this way.  

Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheeran

“Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheeran gives off fall vibes with a soulful guitar and piano melody, all behind his soft vocals that pull the entire song together. Ed Sheeran’s love songs will never get old, and in this song, he confesses to being “so in love,” comparing his lovers’ eyes to the Tenerife Sea. This song brings up what I like to call warm feelings. 

august” by Taylor Swift

A strong component of fall is remembering Summer, and Taylor Swift’s song “august” captures this perfectly. Although this song is about remembering a summer fling, the comparison about how summer “slipped away into a moment in time” and how it’s all but a memory allows us to look back on summer during this fall season. 

Beautiful” by Ben Rector 

In “Beautiful” by Ben Rector, he reflects on being a teenager, the beauty in the world, and how he wishes he could return to simpler times. This song feels like something you would listen to on a long and windy car ride to the beach. It makes me wonder how I’ll look back on my own high school experience. 

hurts like hell” by Wrabel

The song “hurts like hell” by Wrabel starts with a piano that immediately catches your attention. The song is about still being in love with someone despite being broken up for quite some time, and wondering at what point you will get over them.

This song outlines the pain that someone can bring, and the struggle to forget them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a romantic or platonic relationship that you’re grappling with — it’s relatable.  

In Case You Didn’t Know” by Brett Young 

Brett Young amazes me with his song “In Case You Didn’t Know” — A normal country song with a sweet underlying message about how the best way to communicate feelings is through song.

I’ve never been a person who is able to communicate their feelings that well, so I always relate to the opening of the song lyrics: “I can’t count the times/ I almost said what’s on my mind/ But I didn’t/ Just the other day/ I wrote down all the things I’d say/ But I couldn’t/ I just couldn’t.”

Forever” by Lewis Capaldi

Sometimes relationships aren’t meant to last forever even if they seem like they should. The song “Forever” by Lewis Capaldi captures this beautifully. His amazing vocals create mesmerizing music to the point where I want to just close my eyes and take in his voice. I love the climatic end of the song when he sings, “They’ll never take those long summer days/ When love was untamed/ Two burning hearts are dared to break, remember/ Nobody said that it would last forever.” 

The Falconer has created a Spotify playlist featuring all of the songs above.