Ariana Grande’s New Album “Positions” Combines More Mature Themes with Excellent Production


Fia Cooper

All 14 songs from Ariana Grande’s new album “Positions” have charted on the latest Billboard Hot 100.

Olivia Aragon, Staff Reporter

Even though I enjoy Ariana Grande’s music, I’ve never really listened to any of her albums all the way through. So when she dropped her most recent album, “Positions,” I decided I was finally going to sit down and listen to it.

Overall this was an enjoyable album; it combines pop, trap, rhythm, and blues, as well as R&B music. The production is excellent, and for the most part, all of the songs are rather catchy.

The album is about 40 minutes long, which, in comparison to albums I have listened to in the past, is short. Surprisingly, for having such a brief duration, it has 14 tracks, which means that the individual songs tend to be shorter.  

“Positions” also has some strong sexual themes which are carried through most of the songs. I did not find this to be a negative contribution to the album, but rather I think Grande did a good job with the theme. With some of the songs being softer and others more explicit, I did not think it was overdone. 

There were no songs that I disliked, though there were some that weren’t exactly my favorites. The only songs I ended up not adding to my playlist were “safety net,” “nasty,” “six thirty,” and “west side.” Overall, this is not a bad ratio. 

The tracks that especially stood out to me were “positions,” “motive” featuring Doja Cat, “pov,” and “my hair.” I enjoy all of these songs because they have a mellow production along with the fact that they are all catchy. 

I would not say that the track “positions” was the strongest lead single, because it lacks a super strong chorus. It is, however, a good song about how Grande is so in love with her man that there is nothing that she wouldn’t do for him. I also enjoy the song’s well-done production along with its catchy lyrics. 

“motive” featuring Doja Cat is such an upbeat and memorable song. I find it constantly getting stuck in my head. Doja Cat and Grande’s voices go well together, and although I would say it is a fairly simple song when it comes to lyrics, not every song needs to be something that is powerful or deep; sometimes a song can just be something you can dance to or sing along with, and “motive” fulfills this idea. 

“my hair” is one of the more sexually charged songs on the album, but it takes on this theme in a very unassuming way. Grande uses “my hair” as a metaphor for having that intimacy and safe feeling with another person. 

The last track on this album is “pov.” This song is very raw, genuine, and relatable. Sometimes there are those friends or family members in your life who don’t realize how amazing they are, so you wish they could see themselves from your point of view. This song discusses a similar idea to this.

In “pov,” Grande wishes she could see herself from her love interest’s point of view because she has a hard time believing what they are saying. Grande sings, “I wanna love me/The way that you love me/ Oh for all of my pretty and all of my ugly too/I’d love to see me from your point of view.” I find this to be such a genuine confession that is very relatable. 

In the end, “Positions” has strong production that makes all the tracks different from one another, making it a fun album to listen to. Although I wouldn’t say this is one of the best albums I’ve listened to, due to the fact that I prefer albums with longer songs, it has made me interested in listening to more of Grande’s discography. And, I know that if I ever want to listen to an upbeat album, “Positions” is the one that I would choose.