Stores and Businesses Begin to Reopen After Mandatory Quarantine

Reilly Smith, Media Editor

As Clackamas County enters the first phase of reopening after the COVID-19 closure, places around the city are beginning to come back to life.

Here’s a look at some places around La Salle that are beginning to reopen:

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  • Nails Unlimited store manager Kim Nguyen works behind a clear plastic shield and wears a face mask.

  • Businesses that are allowed to reopen have social distancing guidelines in effect.

  • Nonessential stores, such as Hobby Lobby, have begun reopening.

  • Clear plastic shields sit between employees and customers at a Target store.

  • Stores are recommending that customers wash their food before consuming it.

  • Many stores are only offering outside seating.

  • Stores are cleaning surfaces more frequently as they reopen.

  • Many stores and businesses have added floor signs to encourage social distancing.

  • Panera Bread at Clackamas Town Center observes social distancing by placing payment devices on tables.

  • Clackamas Town Center began to reopen with limited capacity.

  • Tables and chairs in the Clackamas Town Center food court are separated to encourage social distancing.

  • While some restaurants in the food court have reopened, many are still closed.

  • Checkout stands in a department store include clear shields to protect employees and customers.

  • Stores are operating at limited capacity to slow the spread of COVID-19.

  • Some essential items still have restrictions on purchase.

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