“We’ve Lost a Part of Our High School Experience”: How Students Are Mentally Coping With the Effects of COVID-19

On March 12th, students of La Salle walked the halls of their school for the last time this school year due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Now, students are encouraged to practice social distancing in order to reduce transmission of the virus and flatten the curve, leaving them confined to their homes for an unknown period of time.

For some students, quarantine has given them a needed break from school, as they now have more time throughout the day to focus on themselves and activities they enjoy. Unfortunately, other students are left reminiscing on what life was like before the coronavirus and when they were able to see their friends daily. 

No matter how the coronavirus has impacted students, many are staying home and doing what they can to make it through this tough time.

The Falconer spoke with six students who shared how they have been managing quarantine. 

John McQuillin
Grace Elkhal
Sophia Hauer
Olivia Pisaneschi
Sam Luft
Mizael Harris