Student of the Week: Molly Jenne


Photo courtesy of Molly Jenne

Junior Molly Jenne not only maintains an impressive GPA, but she also participates in club and high school soccer, track and field, student council, the service and heart CPR clubs, as well as the Catholic Church.

Paige Baines, Staff Reporter

Junior Molly Jenne is the definition of a hard worker.

With a constantly full schedule, it might seem impossible for her to keep her 4.357 GPA from this semester standing strong, but somehow she does. “I’ve always gravitated towards more challenging things,” she said.

With almost all of her classes being AP and honors, Jenne always tries to stay on top of her challenging courses and keep a clear head. She keeps a healthy relationship with tough courses by acting on questions and understanding that she’s not going to get everything at first, and that is okay.

“I think it’s important [that] as soon as you don’t understand something, [that you] try to address it right away,” Jenne said. “That way it doesn’t cause a [bigger] problem in the future.”

Jenne’s grades are impressive, but academics don’t account for the countless other extracurricular activities she does.

On top of being a full-time student, Jenne also participates in club and high school soccer, track and field, student council, the service and heart CPR clubs, as well as the Catholic Church.

“I try to stay busy all four seasons, which is not hard to do,” she said.

With having soccer year-round as well as track and field in the spring, Jenne is constantly active. She has been playing both sports since the beginning of her high school career, making the varsity track and field team as only a freshman.

“[Track has] always been really fun and it was really natural for me when I was younger,” she said. “[Now] I just work at it more and try to hit the weights.”

Jenne participates in four events in track: the long jump, 200 meter dash, as well as the 4×100 and 4×400 meter relays.

Even with four events, Jenne said, “if I could, I’d do more.”

When talking about the 4×400, Jenne said, “it’s a lot of mental strength. Yeah there’s a lot of physical [strength], but the hardest [part] is the mental strength of just breaking through and saying, ‘I can do this, I can push myself harder than I think I can.’”

Running in difficult races like the 4×400 are some of Jenne’s favorite team events. As a relay team, Jenne has gone to state each year. Her goal for this year was to continue the great work with her team, while also going to state for individual events.

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the season has been put on pause.

“I am viewing this as a way to continue my training and just keep working towards my goals,” Jenne said. “Even though coronavirus is making life a little more difficult, I think it’s important to look at the things that we can do rather than all the things we can’t do because of the virus.”

Along with athletics, religion also has a large influence on Jenne’s life.

After converting to Catholicism in middle school, Jenne decided to become even more involved in the church by becoming an altar server.

“I just wanted to stay more active within the church,” she said. “I found [that] it’s easier to get to church if you’re more active in it.”

After becoming an altar server, she developed a new appreciation for school and Sunday masses. “It’s really deepened my faith,” she said. “I find it as an honor to [altar serve] … it brings you more awareness to all the little, tiny details that you don’t really notice as the audience.”

Other than being an altar server during school masses, Jenne also does readings at Christ the King, and studies the Bible at home with her mom.

Beyond her years at La Salle, Jenne hopes to become a chemical engineer and find a way to contribute to society in a meaningful way.

“I’ve been to a couple engineering camps that helped me broaden my spectrum and it’s just been really interesting,” she said. “I feel like there, I could make the most contributions I can to society and the world. I just want to try to make the biggest impact I can.”

In her future, Jenne plans to stay on the west coast for college, as she’s especially interested in attending Oregon State University, University of Washington, Seattle University, and Willamette University.