Eight Calming Lo-Fi Songs To Keep You Focused Throughout DLDs


Hailey Reeves

Lo-fi music will keep you calm and focused.

Paige Baines, Staff Reporter

With the steady progression of Digital Learning Days on the horizon, it can be difficult to maintain motivation to get through hours of school work. Due to the distractions within our homes, such as easily accessible sources of entertainment just at our fingertips, it is very easy to get off task. 

One approach to staying on task while working is music. 

Here are some of my favorite lo-fi songs to keep the creative juices flowing and to help you stay on task during DLDs. 

“Controlla” by Idealism: 

“Controlla” was the first song that got me into lo-fi. With every beat, the soft piano accompanied by the rain transforms your study mood to one with concentration and control. 

“Flowers” by The Deli:

The upbeatness and jazziness that this song brings can be easy to get lost in. The song’s funky rhythm helps guide your studying along smoothly. While most lo-fi leaves you feeling cool and relaxed, The Deli does something different.

These faster-paced songs, like “Flowers”, make you feel energized and give you the motivation to keep working.

“Wallflowers” by Mt. Fujitive:  

Mt. Fujitive creates lasting peace throughout this song. The calming guitar helps bring down a hectic mood for last-minute assignments.

With the simplistic beat and guitar melody, it feels like it could go on forever and you wouldn’t even feel a day go by. Though in reality, its repetition only lasts for 71 seconds. 

“Alone by Your Side” by J’San:

“Alone by Your Side” is one that is definitely worth listening to. The saxophone and guitar instrumentals blend perfectly with the soft “bang” hidden in with the beat.

This song brings you into a jazzy, hypnosis-like state that transports you into a state of mind similar to a warm café where you feel like you could stay until closing. 

“Genesis” by Jinsang: 

Though only 85 seconds long, Jinsang’s “Genesis” will leave you in a good mood. The easy drum and piano fuse together through every moment.

This song separates itself from the rest in this playlist with the running noises of kids playing outside in the background. 

“Both of Us” by Idealism: 

Idealism’s mix of classical piano, soft chimes, and drums works perfectly together in this piece. The constant white noise eases you into your work calmly.

“Herb Garden” by BluntOne (feat. The Deli): 

“Herb Garden” is easily one of my favorite lo-fi songs. This simple melody is easy to vibe with and it can feel like it is taking you away from time.

The light beat matches well with the trumpet-like horn and the way the BluntOne and The Deli use techniques to cut off the sounds before they are complete makes it feel like a time warp.

“Lovesick” by Potsu: 

“Lovesick” is one of those songs that no matter how long you’ve been working for, you always can go back and play this to stay in the study mindset. The song’s muffled rhythms leave you feeling comforted and soothed with the radio static hidden between the drums and guitar.