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Nine Staff Members Recommend a Book to Read While Social Distancing

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, the United States, along with other countries around the globe, has turned to social distancing as a strategy to flatten the curve of infection. For many people, social distancing means staying at home and only going out when necessary, which can lead to an abundance of downtime and, perhaps, boredom. 

Watching TV, movies, and using electronics may be the first thing people turn to when they find themselves looking for something to do, but extensive screen time usage can lead to negative health effects

A healthier alternative that helps cut down screen time is choosing to read rather than using technology. Below are ten books recommended by nine different La Salle staff members to read at home during social distancing.

Mr. Fitzsimmons
Ms. Spanjer
Mr. Roth
Ms. Mendez
Mr. Devine
Ms. Poteet
Mr. Voge
Ms. Cha Asokan
Ms. Maher