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Morgan Nebels

Mary Gach, vice president of the Black Student Union, has worked towards spreading equity and inclusion for all students throughout her time at La Salle.

Mary Gach

Participating in both track and volleyball throughout her four years at La Salle, senior Mary Gach has learned from each of these programs. Her largest takeaway, she said, is to “never be outworked, because to achieve greatness, you can’t take shortcuts.”

Over her four years, she has taken many advanced courses. Although some of the courses can be rigorous, she has grown to love them.

“As much as I complain about it, I love taking challenging classes,” Gach said. “They cause me to think — but like many other people in La Salle, I sometimes struggle with tough classes. The best advice I have is to ask questions and understand that you’ll have to dedicate some time outside of school hours to get help. Also ask for extra practice problems because I feel like those help a lot as well.”

Gach is involved in the Speech and Debate team, as well as part of the Black Student Union. From Speech and Debate, Gach has taken away that it is okay to be uncomfortable.

From the BSU, she has learned more about how important it is to fight for equity among minority groups.

“I totally recommend being involved in BSU,” Gach said. “Even if you aren’t black, you can be an ally and a helpful voice in many ways.”

Gach manages school and everyday life with the help of developing time management skills.

“I always try to have my homework done by a certain time at night or estimate how long each assignment will take me, that way I can decide how long my breaks are or how much free time I get to spend on my phone” Gach said.

Trying something new can be scary for anyone — but Gach emphasizes how welcoming the community at La Salle is, and how it is a good place to explore new things without judgement.

“Try something new while at La Salle,” Gach said, “Go out of your comfort zone. If you’ve dedicated much of your life to athletics and have always wanted to give theater a try… do it, and vice versa.”