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Julia Tran

Luke Wild has performed in three musicals at his time at La Salle, and is set to perform in his fourth production as Monsieur Thénardier in the upcoming musical, Les Misérables.

Luke Wild

While being involved in the school musicals over his past four years, senior Luke Wild said he has learned the value of doing something you really love without caring about what others think.

“[Theater] causes you [to] lose a lot of sleep,” Wild said. “[But] I think… if you enjoy something, you should go out and do it.”

Wild commented about the stigmas surrounding theater, making note that “not a lot of people respect the musical and the play… But it’s a lot of fun for me, so if you enjoy something just do go it”.

Besides being part of theater, Wild played on the boys JV2 soccer team for two years, which helped him to gain a lot of leadership skills, as well as building bonds with classmates in a non-educational way.

“[Participating in soccer] takes up a lot of time but definitely just having the time outside and having another community outside of class is nice,” Wild said.

Building bonds with classmates is as important as building bonds with teachers in Wild’s opinion.

“Make friends with your teachers. They’re much more inclined to tell you why they [have given] you a bad grade if you’re friends with them, and know them personally,” Wild said.