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Reilly Smith

Kyra Sanchez has been a part of student council for three years, and currently serves on the executive council as the Officer of Community.

Kyra Sanchez

Participating in many extracurriculars, senior Kyra Sanchez has been involved in student council, CommuniCare club (a club designed for teens to be involved in community work and volunteerism), theater, and school immersion trips. 

“I was able to meet [and] get closer with people that I wouldn’t necessarily have met otherwise,” said Sanchez, “it’s really a way to branch out and get out of your comfort zone… It will help you find your place in the community when you branch out into different types of extracurriculars”.

In regard to taking challenging courses, Sanchez advises to maintain a balance of classes of all ranges and difficulty. She believes that being extremely stressed out with a tough load is not a good way to fill your high school experience.

“Make sure that you have one class that you’re really passionate about and really look forward to, because if you don’t have one of those classes, then you’re just not going to be looking forward to going to school,” Sanchez said.

Over her time at La Salle, Sanchez has learned that she has better motivation when she is studying with her friends.

“I like to spend time with friends, and I feel like when I’m with other people I’m able to get things done quicker,” said Sanchez, “To cope with the stress of school and everything I try to make sure that I’m always with people who make me happy”.