Students Compete to Win Spirit Points in the First Better Together Assembly of the Year

Julia Tran, Staff Photographer

On Feb. 7, students attended the first Better Together assembly and competed to earn spirit points for their Falcon Formation class.

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  • To help find the hidden spirit stick, the second clue was released during the assembly.

  • Senior Ashley Smith and freshman Sidney Lefranc competed in an arm wrestling match during Friday's assembly.

  • The arm wrestling champions from A Lunch, senior Ramon Aragon and sophomore Anton Stohosky, competed during Friday's assembly.

  • In the championship, Mr. Kyle Voge took on sophomore Anton Stohosky.

  • Students participated in events such as: arm wrestling, a three-legged race, a balloon race, horse relay race, and musical chairs.

  • Juniors line up to get ready for the balloon race.

  • Juniors Luke Thompson and Carlie Weigel kick around a balloon during the race.

  • Juniors Jake Owens and Wade Nichols race to the end of the gym to win spirit points for their Falcon Formation class.

  • The juniors take their spot on the podium after competing in the balloon race.

  • Seniors compete in an intense game of musical chairs at the assembly.

  • Every Friday, students will compete in a series of games to gain spirit throughout Better Together month.

  • Seniors Carson Redmond and Christian Burroughs compete in the final round of musical chairs.

  • Senior Carson Redmond earned points for his Falcon Formation class after winning the musical chairs competition.

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Better Together Month will be celebrated with an assembly every Friday of February.