Student of the Week: Elliott Reynolds


Reilly Smith

Sophomore Elliott Reynolds plays soccer on La Salle's JV team, and club soccer for the Eastside Timbers.

Brennan Kelly, Staff Reporter

Sophomore Elliott Reynolds not only maintains an above 4.0 GPA, but also participates in many extracurricular activities, such as club soccer and recreational skiing.

Reynolds said that a lot of what motivates him comes from both the expectations of his parents and his high standards he sets for himself. Reynolds wants to show himself that “[he] can be the best the [he] can be.”

Reynold’s favorite class is his Honors Spanish 3, because he highly enjoys both of the Spanish teachers he’s had here at La Salle: Ms. Amy Gantt and Ms. Lisa Moran.

“They both have done a really good job with explaining the content,” he said. “It’s a really fun class.”

Along with Honors Spanish 3, Reynolds also takes Honors Algebra 2 / Trigonometry, Honors English 2, and Honors Chemistry.

While Reynolds’ favorite class is Spanish, he said that he is more of a math and science person. Even though science is very challenging for him this year he tries his best to keep up, and he has always enjoyed math and science.

However, out of all of his advanced classes he said that his toughest classes for him are math and science. “[They’re] the hardest subject matter,” Reynolds said. “And [they’re] kind of the most advanced classes.” 

Even with Reynolds’ busy schedule, he is able to stay on top of all his classes. “I do my best to not procrastinate and finish my assignments,” he said. Reynolds feels that the biggest part of keeping grades up is ensuring assignments are in on time.

Reynolds tries to manage his time efficiently. He usually strives to get his work done after school, but when there’s extra time, he usually spends it getting assignments done that are due in the future, so he doesn’t have to worry about them later.

Along with keeping up with his challenging course load, Reynolds is also on La Salle’s JV boys soccer team and he also plays club soccer for the Eastside Timbers. He practices twice a week, and with each practice and commute being about three hours altogether, it can become difficult to efficiently manage time.

Reynolds said that his sophomore year is much more difficult than freshman year, because everything is a lot more independent. He felt that in freshman year it was a lot more guided. “A lot of teachers would kind of hold your hand through a lot of things and give you a lot more,” he said.

Reynolds attended Sellwood Middle School where he didn’t have the best experience. He feels that at La Salle, teachers actually care about you.

When Reynolds does have free time, he likes to spend it “hanging out with friends and playing soccer with them.” He also enjoys just having some alone time and just talking to his friends through his phone, and skiing with his friends and family.

Reynolds knows he wants to attend college, but he isn’t quite sure where he wants to go yet and has not looked into many colleges thus far. He said that he is interested in designing sportswear as well as sports management.

Reynolds’ advice for incoming freshmen and Lasallians alike is to keep an eye on the calendar in Schoology. He claims it is “the key [for him] being able to manage what [he] has to do because it shows you everything at once.”