Student of the Week: Akhil Casper


Julia Tran

Sophmore Akhil Casper is motivated to do well in school because his friends push him to do his best.

Mia Kritzer, Staff Reporter

Soft spoken sophomore Akhil Casper adjusts his glasses, cracking a smile as he checks his PowerSchool. Studying for an average of four hours per night, Casper prides himself on maintaining a 4.2 GPA so far this semester.

Casper is able to navigate a time consuming schedule. He balances Honors Chemistry, Honors English 2, and Honors Algebra II/ Trigonometry. In addition, he’s beginning to prepare for the track season this spring. 

Since beginning at La Salle as a freshman, Casper said he’s noticed himself evolving socially. “[School has] taught me communication skills,” he said. “Before high school I was definitely more shy.”

Casper also remarked on how his peers encourage his academic excellence. “My friends inspire me to do well in school, because when I see them work, [it] pushes me to work [as well,]” Casper said.

Casper said he lacks direction in where he wants to attend college, but he is confident that he wants to pursue a career in engineering. “I’m thinking of going [to college] outside of Oregon,” he said. 

When he is not immersed in his studies, Casper enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his friends. His favorite place to hike is Mount Hood.

Although he hasn’t found time this semester to dedicate towards service, Casper said he’s looking forward to attending immersion trips his junior year. 

Casper advises students struggling with academics to reach out to their teachers for assistance. Casper said he particularly admires English teacher Mr. Chris Krantz, and his teaching style. “He’s really understanding and empathetic,” Casper said. “He knows that students have a lot going on.” 

When Casper feels overwhelmed, his first course of action is to complete all his math homework as soon as he gets home from school. “It relieves some of the stress when I get my homework finished,” he said. 

For the new year, Casper wants to focus on shedding his habit of procrastination. He said he plans to achieve this goal by trying to stay off his phone and getting to bed earlier. 

As for life beyond La Salle, Casper hopes to stay close to the people he’s crossed paths with. “I hope we all stay good friends and keep in touch with each other,” he said.