Student of the Week: Kyle Li


Reilly Smith

Kyle Li relies on naps after school to keep him motivated during late nights.

Addi Wedin, Staff Reporter

Junior Kyle Li is starting the school year strong by balancing his social life, sleeping schedule, and difficult classes. Li said he maintains a 3.85 GPA. 

Li is taking two advanced classes this year, which are AP English 3 and Honors Chemistry.

In the past, Li said that he has struggled with time management, but he tries to work hard in order to stay on top of things. “On an average school day, I go home and take a nap for about three hours, and then I do homework for like an hour and a half,” he said. “I try to manage my time by doing homework at a certain time everyday.”

Li has also sacrificed a lot of sleep this year. He will often procrastinate and stay up late to get all his homework done. “I don’t sleep until 2 AM sometimes,” he said. “[Since] that is usually my regular time I go to sleep, it’s a very big issue.”

When Li is not studying, he makes sure to focus on his social life outside of school. “I love hanging out with friends, and playing games with friends,” he said. Li loves meeting new people, and he appreciates some of the great friends he’s made throughout high school. “My favorite part about high school is making new friends,” he said.

Since freshman year, Li has been part of the La Salle track team. “Track is good for my social life,” he said. “[I] make a lot of new friends, and it’s great exercise. My brother did it, so I wanted to continue it on.”

The track events Li competes in are the 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, and long jump. “My greatest achievement is getting most improved for my sophomore year because it’s the year I improved the most,” he said. “I think it’s because I started running the 400 and it improved all my other times.” 

Li said the most challenging thing about doing track is the daily commitment. “It’s hard having to practice everyday, because it takes up a lot of time,” he said.

Something Li wants to improve on during class is limiting his talking so that he doesn’t fall behind in the curriculum. Li said that because he is very social, his teachers often have to remind him to stay on task. “I tend to be pretty annoying in class because I talk a lot,” he said.

In the future, Li is unsure what he wants to do after high school. His goal is to get into a good college, but he is not certain where he wants to go. However, he does know that he wants to go into a business major after high school. “I want to get a good job that can sustain my future,” he said.

To underclassmen, Li’s advice is to “read your books in English and actually study for tests.”