La Salle Wins 5A Boys Soccer Championship

Reilly Smith, Julia Tran, and Hailey Reeves

On Saturday, Nov. 16, the undefeated #1 varsity boys soccer team defeated #3 Wilsonville with a final score of 2-1 at the 5A State Championship match, making them the 5A boys soccer state champions. Here are some photo highlights from the day:

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  • Junior Noa Taylor, one of the team captains, runs towards the soccer ball.

  • Goalie senior Quintin Castner kicks the ball into play.

  • At the end of the match, the student section celebrates and cheers on the soccer boys.

  • Wilsonville player #17 helps sophomore Mizael Harris up after being tripped.

  • Sophomore Mizael Harris (10) celebrates scoring the second goal of the match by running to the student section with sophomore Aiden O’Brien (19), senior Ethan Shea (6), junior Noa Taylor (12), and the other La Salle players on the field.

  • The crowd goes wild after La Salle scores the first goal of the game.

  • “That championship game against Corvallis has always been in the back of our minds from that point on,” Taylor said. “The entire season was all leading right back up to the championship game again.”

  • Senior Ethan Shea kicks the soccer ball to his teammate.

  • Sophomore Aidan O’Brien steals the ball from the opposing team and runs to offense.

  • Sophomore Mizael Harris scores the second goal of the 5A State Championship.

  • Writer and producer Ryan Slider covers the 5A State Championship on his Instagram @SSVisualWorks.

  • Junior Lucy Lawton and senior Kari Gutmann cheering players with cut-out heads of seniors Logan Warner and Luke Strange.

  • Players celebrate the victory with head coach Mr. Seth Altshuler.

  • Coach Altshuler after the team dumps water on him.

  • Coach Altshuler celebrates the win.

  • Senior Sky Charley-Bolyard celebrates with fans after the game.

  • The team celebrates after the game.

  • The Falcons defeated Wilsonville 2-1 in the state championship, completing a nearly perfect season.

  • Coach Altshuler hugs his father after winning the state championship.

  • Players celebrate with fans after the game.

  • Junior Wade Nichols celebrates after the win.

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The Falcons finished out their soccer season with 17 wins, zero losses, and one tie.