Athlete of the Week: Parker English


Reilly Smith

Not only does English play soccer, he participates in basketball and advanced guitar.

Carlie Weigel and Reilly Smith

Sophomore Parker English’s commitment to soccer started after his dad signed him up to compete on a team years ago. “I’ve been playing soccer for as long as I can remember,” he said. 

He’s been playing ever since, always as a goalkeeper.

Not only did English make La Salle’s varsity soccer team this year, but he also plays for the Eastside Timbers club soccer team. However, he doesn’t enjoy his club season nearly as much compared to his high school season because of the bond he has with his La Salle teammates. “I’ve known these guys forever, and it’s fun,” English said. “I get to play with my friends.”

Coach Seth Altschuler has had a great influence on English’s desire for high school soccer as well. “He’s very understanding of our lives and how we act as teenagers,” English said. “He’s reasonable and he’s a good coach.”

English dedicates numerous hours to soccer, as he practices nearly everyday for two hours. On game days, he tries to spend an additional hour afterward to get in more repetition. 

While English is very busy with soccer, he also plays basketball during the winter and he plans to try out for lacrosse this spring. He’s also taking advanced guitar with Mr. Otto Wild. “I started playing guitar in eighth grade,” English said. “The coolest song I can play is ‘Banana Pancakes’ by Jack Johnson.”

Rather than taking a break from the chaotic schedule English has, he instead uses his free time to focus on his academics. “I balance [my schedule] by making good use of my time at home,” he said. “In my free time, I usually study, or do my homework.” 

Since soccer is a contact sport, English has experienced many injuries. At the very beginning of this season, he hurt is hamstring, but he said it was nothing major. Two years ago, he broke his ankle and was forced to take three months off. He has also broken every single one of his toes.

Through times of struggle, English reflects on the reasons he continues to play soccer. “My biggest inspiration is to make my family proud,” he said. 

English especially hopes to do well in the boys soccer state championship game on Saturday, Nov. 16. “I think to get this [goal] we need to stay focused and not get too cocky,” he said. 

Although English hasn’t yet decided where his future will take him, he knows that if the opportunity becomes available, he is going to continue with soccer. “I would hope to play soccer in college, and in the future because it’s something I really like to do,” English said.