Student of the Week: Nathan Henry


Julia Tran

Nathan Henry runs varsity track and field.

Luke Thompson, Staff Reporter

Junior Nathan Henry is looking forward to opening new opportunities for himself this year, taking on multiple AP classes, as well as one honors class, with sports on top of it all.

One of Henry’s primary goals this year is to reach and maintain the highest GPA he possibly can. “I’m taking five AP classes right now, so if I have all A’s, then I’ll be around a 4.5,” he said.

Henry is currently taking AP U.S. History, AP Statistics, AP English 3, AP Chemistry, and AP Calculus BC/Multi-Variable Vector, as well as Honors Spanish 3.

The class that Henry enjoys the most is AP Chemistry. “I like AP Chem the most because it’s a challenge and it’s really new to me… I really like the challenge,” he said.

Because of Henry’s large workload, he spends numerous hours a night doing homework. “[I] usually [have] three hours [of homework] on weekdays, and four or five on weekends,” he said.

A key part of Henry’s success is organization and focus. “I have a desk in my room. It’s really quiet there. [It] allows me to focus and just get everything done,” he said. “Schoology keeps me pretty organized [as well]…, so I usually just stick with that.”

Outside of the classroom, Henry participates in track and field. “I found [out] that I’m good at running, and stuck with it,” he said.

Henry made varsity for track and field last year as a sophomore, and he hopes to continue his part on varsity this upcoming spring as well.

In addition to goals for the school year, Henry strives high for academics. “I definitely want to score high on the SAT because that really opens up options for college,” he said.

Although Henry plans on going to college, he is undecided what to major in. He wants to keep an open mind and perhaps look into attending school out-of-state.

For those who are struggling to manage time during the difficult times in high school, Henry advises students to minimize screen time. “Manage your impulsiveness. Limit video games or social media usage,” he said.

Since Henry was challenged last year regarding his work ethic, he plans to start new his junior year with his reinvigorated ambitions. “I had a really good work ethic freshman year. But sophomore year, I  procrastinated a lot,” he said. “I’m getting better [during my] junior year”