Once Upon a Homecoming

Reilly Smith and Julia Tran

Last week, La Salle celebrated a Disney-theme homecoming week with school-wide dress-up days, an assembly, and mass, leading up to the annual homecoming dance on Friday. Here is a collection of photos from last week:

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  • Students walk through the Disney-themed main hallway on Monday morning.

  • Senior Savanah Jameson shows off her Stitch onesie on Disney character day.

  • Freshmen Isabella Simonutti, Lilly Tiller, and Kamryn Houghton wear yellow to represent the class of 2023 on class colors day.

  • Sophomores show off their purple shirts representing the class of 2022 on class colors day.

  • Juniors Gretchen Pauli and Mallory Middendorff dress in orange to represent the class of 2021 on class colors day.

  • Seniors show off their green shirts to represent the class of 2020 on class colors day.

  • Math teacher Mr. Kieron Redford represents the staff with his tie dye shirt on class colors day.

  • Director of Faith Mr. Gary Hortsch speaks at the homecoming mass in the gymnasium.

  • Senior Brandon Lopez represents the football team as he reads the responsorial psalm during mass.

  • Seniors Nina Timmen, Lauren Patrick, and junior Sarah Wease represent the volleyball team on the third day of homecoming week.

  • Senior James Kelly plays guitar in accompaniment to the choir.

  • Seniors Sara Biniam, Anna Riehl, Isabella Van Vleet, Amira Tripp Folsom, and Grace Elkhal show off their camo during the day before Thursday's football game.

  • Senior Ashley Smith shows off her safari-themed eyeshadow.

  • Sophomore Anton Stohsky wears his football jersey and camo pants for Thursday's camouflage football game.

  • Religion teacher Mr. Ryan Darmody judges one of the dance teams during Thursday's assembly.

  • Senior Silas Petersen is named the Lasallian Star during the football game halftime.

  • Senior Grace Elkhal speaks at the homecoming assembly on Thursday.

  • Friday's homecoming dance in the cafeteria.

  • Sopomore Peter Fengler-Johnson said one of his favorite parts of homecoming week was Friday's dance.

  • Junior Ryan Rosumny says that his favorite part of homecoming week was Thursday's homecoming assembly.

  • Senior Amira Tripp Folsom says her favorite part of homecoming week was "[giving] a double dosage of black girl magic" at the assembly and football game.

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Correction: October 16, 2019

An earlier version of this story misstated the day of the homecoming dance. It was on Friday, not Saturday.