Humans of La Salle: Students Show Off Their Fall Fashion


Reilly Smith

Students show off a diverse range of style and fashion choices within the halls of La Salle.

Carlie Weigel and Maggie Rasch

With October now officially underway, students have started showing off their unique fall fashion choices. Whether students are wearing a sweatshirt from Goodwill, or a belt from Gucci, a variety of styles are always on display around campus. The Falconer asked students from each grade level to describe their style over the course of one week. Here are their responses.


Alvina Hsiao

Reilly Smith
Senior Alvina Hsiao describes her style as “grunge, 90s, and experimental.”

Favorite place to shop: American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, Plato’s Closet, Goodwill, and Salvation Army. 

Alvina usually likes to layer a jacket on top of a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She matches her outfits with either her Doc Martins or black Vans. Beabadoobee, an indie music artist, is her style inspiration.

Alex Vogt

Reilly Smith
Senior Alex Vogt describes his style as “baggy, thrifted, and skate.”

Favorite place to shop: Goodwill, The Bins, and Salvation Army on 50% off days. 

Baggy pants and sweatshirts are Alex’s go-to fashion pieces because they are comfortable and keep him warm on colder days. Skate culture has a big influence on what he chooses to wear.


Sophia Donato

Reilly Smith
Junior Sophia Donato describes her style as “chill, careless, and comfortable.”

Favorite place to shop: Vintage stores on Hawthorne.

Sophia usually wears pants and a tank top under different sweaters or coats. She finds inspiration from her dad’s style back when he was a teenager. She enjoys looking at photos of him to get useful ideas for her outfits.

Drew Bergeson

Reilly Smith
Junior Drew Bergeson describes his style as “soft, bold, and colorful.”

Favorite place to shop: Goodwill and Deseret Industries.

One of Drew’s favorite style trends is to layer a long sleeve shirt underneath a Hawaiian shirt. He also likes to wear corduroy pants because they’re soft. His friend, Danny Finkle, influences his everyday fashion.


Brooklyn Turner

Reilly Smith
Sophomore Brooklyn Turner describes her style as “comfy, casual, and sarcastic.”

Favorite place to shop: Any thrift store.

Brooklyn mixes it up by matching different pants and t-shirts for her outfits. She especially likes to wear thrifted graphic tees. On an average day, she grabs whatever she finds in her closet first.

Peter Fengler-Johnson

Reilly Smith
Sophomore Peter Fengler-Johnson describes his style as “baggy, basic, and Portland.”

Favorite place to shop: Goodwill, Depop, The Bins, Gucci, and Balenciaga.

On a day-to-day basis, Peter likes to pair blue jeans with baggy shirts to tuck into his classic leather belts. He also wears unique rings and necklaces to spice up his outfits. Peter gets his inspiration from social media platforms such as Instagram.


Lana Skoro

Reilly Smith
Freshman Lana Skoro describes her style as “casual, trendy, and comfortable.”

Favorite place to shop: Zara, American Eagle, and Brandy Melville.

Lana typically wears jeans with a shirt depending on her mood in the morning. On some days, she likes to take risks with her outfits by switching it up with fun accessories or jackets. She gets outfit inspiration from her aunt.

Cade Jansen

Reilly Smith
Freshman Cade Jansen describes his style as “decent, basic, and plain.”

Favorite place to shop: Pacsun.

On a standard day, Cade will pair a plain t-shirt with his pants. He likes to match his shoes to the t-shirts he wears each day. His style is inspired by his two older sisters.

Correction: October 2, 2019

An earlier version of this story misspelled Cade Jansen’s last name. It is now spelled correctly.