Campus Quotes: Trading Places

Maggie Rasch and Maddie Khaw

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The Falconer asked students the following question: “If you could trade places with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?”

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  • “My cat because she just sleeps all day." - Mollie Kuffner, senior

  • “Bill Gates so I could use all my money to give it to charities." - Jude Sablan, sophomore

  • “Michael Phelps because he is super athletic and a successful Olympian." - Lisa Doles, sophomore

  • “God, so I could have all the power.” - Seamus Gwyn, freshman

  • “Oprah because not only is she really rich, but she is generous and she works really hard for where she is now." - Izzy Sprando, junior

  • "Andrew Keepes, because the outfits. Always fire, every single day." - Matthew Jayne, junior

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