Students Showcase Clubs for the 2019-2020 School Year at Today’s FSC Fair

Reilly Smith and Julia Tran

Before school this morning, students represented their clubs at this year’s Faith, Service, and Community fair. Here are a few photos of the event:

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  • Senior Nina Timmen representing the Spirit Club.

  • Senior Hanna Nguyen representing the Asian Pacific Islander Club.

  • Senior Camille Brumbaugh and CommuniCare program communicator Kelli Schlegelmilch work together to share their message of "passion in action."

  • Senior Amira Tripp Folsom distributing flyers for the Black Student Union.

  • Senior Sara Biniam distributing flyers to students.

  • Director of Faith Gary Hortsch and senior Aylin Begines Flores welcoming students to sign up for Jouney.

  • Counselor Kerri Kelvin encouraging students to attend La Salle's Moab Immersion.

  • Senior Olivia Fobi encouraging students to join Climate Control Club.

  • Senior Sam Meyer representing his new Magic the Gathering Club.

  • Junior Maggie Gabrish signing up for Journey 78.

  • Junior Emily Murdock demonstrates a robot.

  • Senior Hatte Hamilton representing Climate Control Club.

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