Taylor Swift’s New Song “ME!” Takes Her Music in a Vastly Different Direction


Olivia Aragon, Staff Reporter

On April 25 at 9:00 p.m., I got onto my iPad to listen to Taylor Swift’s new single “ME!” for her new upcoming album. To my surprise, it also featured Panic at the Disco!’s lead vocalist Brendon Urie, leaving me curious about what the song would sound like. Curled up on my couch, I watched the live music video of “ME!” that I had been anticipating for two weeks.   

Compared to Swift’s previous album “Reputation,” the sound and theme of this song is a 180 degree shift.

“ME!” is a stylistic combination between two of Swift’s previously released songs, “Stay Stay Stay” and “Gorgeous.”

“Stay Stay Stay” sounds like music that plays in the background of YouTube videos, making it hard to listen to. On the other hand, “Gorgeous” is one of my favorite of Swift’s songs, despite the fact that it has gotten some negative feedback in the past. I fell in love with “Gorgeous” when watching a video Swift released of her process making the song where listeners see that the lyrics held much more meaning to them. Overall “ME!” is an upbeat song that is always fun to listen to.

For Swift’s upcoming album, which does not yet have a release date, I’m hoping it will be a combination between her previous album “Speak Now” and “1989.” If this turns out to be the case, it will make quite a powerful album, considering that “Speak Now” is her best written album and “1989” is her most widely accepted album by the general public.

Despite it’s upbeat sound, “ME!” has surface level lyrics, which is disappointing since Swift and Urie are known for their incredible ability to write powerful lyrics. Some of Swift’s best lyrics are “you called me up again just to break me like a promise./ So casually and cruel in the name of being honest.” from her song “All Too Well.” Urie’s best lyrics are from Panic at the Disco’s “Trade Mistakes.” He wrote, “I may never sleep at night as long as you’re still burning bright.”

People have complained online that the song is too kiddish. I don’t feel that it is, but I do see where that impression comes from. In the bridge of “ME!,” there is a line that says, “Hey kids spelling is fun!”  The message of the song is about realizing your worth when you are in a relationship with someone and knowing that you are enough. This lyric does not communicate this message making the line seem out of place.

Swift has stated that the purpose of this line is to let people know that it is not a serious love song, and that her goal was to create an upbeat, happy song.

If you were to take that line out, I feel the song has a synthetic pop vibe and does not sound as childish. “ME!” is not my favorite first single to preview a new album, but it is better than other singles that she has released. It has a nice beat, a good message, and catchy lyrics. If you like songs from today’s pop culture, “ME!” is a great song for you to listen to.

The hardest part about trying to figure out what the rest of the album will sound like is that, historically, Swift’s first singles don’t sound like the rest of the album. The song “Mine” from “Speak Now” had a country pop vibe, whereas the rest of the album was more country with rock elements. 

Although I like a lot of Swift’s first releases, they are not the best representations for content on the rest of the album.

I am excited for Swift’s upcoming album that is yet to be named. I do feel that if you don’t like the single, at least give the album a chance once it comes out, because you may find that you like it.

Considering the timeline of how Swift usually releases her music, the album will probably come out around July or August. Swift has come out and said that this album will have more songs than any other album she has released with more collaborations. Fans believe that she might be collaborating with Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and a male or female rapper.

With the concept of the album becoming clear and the album name hidden in the “ME!” music video, I am filled with excitement for the album’s release.

I’d give this first song a 6/10 based on overall commercial appeal, the lyrics, and the bridge, but at least this song is still a refreshing break from what is usually on the radio.