Flex the Art: Photos of Arts Week at La Salle

Sam Hull, Staff Photographer

In honor of both the visual arts and performing arts programs, this week is arts week at La Salle. During arts week, pieces made by students in Ms. Cha’s various art classes are being displayed all over the school, specifically in the main hallway. The pieces displayed range from photos taken by photography students all the way to handcrafted clay creations made by 3D design students.

Here are ten photos showing the incredible talent of the students in the La Salle art program.

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  • Freshman Natalie Rask created this piece about gun violence in America, specifically school shootings. In the description of this piece Rask wrote, “I am tired of watching my brothers and sisters get killed with no remorse or action from the government.”

  • Freshman Avery Eldon was inspired by her views on women’s rights, specifically abortion rights, to make this piece.

  • This scratchboard piece was done by senior Ana Marie Martinez.

  • This piece by senior Talia Jeffrey, a Scholastic gold and silver portfolio winner, shows the dangers of climate change through the image of a bleached coral reef and what it looked like before the effects of climate change as represented by the inside of the squid.

  • Senior David Le made these fruits out of clay. The caption posted next to the case reads, “People need food… to survive another day, food, food, come again.”

  • Freshman Jaqueline Cacho Barrera made this piece in her Art Foundations class. Barrera said that families being separated at the United States/Mexico border is what inspired her.

  • Sophomore Jake Owens created this piece of a lone turtle floating in the sea to show his strong feelings against pollution in the oceans and the negative effects it is having on sea life.

  • Freshman Mary Hanley explained in the caption of this piece that she was “inspired by the need for unity and support in the struggle for equality.”

  • Freshman Amanda Rivera created this piece of a homeless person holding a sign to show that this recurring image often seen on the streets of Portland should not be normalized and that we need to work together to find a solution to the crisis.

  • This charcoal and graphite piece by freshman Lisa Doles was done as a social justice project.

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