Students Share Their Personal Stories at This Week’s Empathy Assembly

Reilly Smith, Staff Photographer

In yesterday’s assembly for theme week, many students shared their stories and gave performances, and along with staff, discussed the importance of empathy at La Salle.

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  • Religion teacher Mr. Edward Kendrick interviews senior Isadora Colpo about her experience as an LGBTQ+ student at La Salle.

  • Senior Rachel Jones shares her story of growing up as an LGBTQ+ individual in the Catholic Church.

  • Senior Alex Ensroth shares a song about acceptance.

  • Senior Dani Rinz shares her experiences of being Latinx.

  • Junior Les Bojorquez reads a reflection written by senior Emily Harding describing the struggles her family endured while moving to the United States.

  • Junior Alison Paguio shares her experiences of being Filipino in the United States.

  • Juniors Annie Hoang and Hanna Nguyen share a spoken-word poem about stereotypes and their experiences as Asian Americans.

  • Junior Liam Rinehart interviews junior Mary Gach about white privilege and its presence in society.

  • Junior Amira Tripp Folsom discusses the use of the n-word in La Salle's community.

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