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No Words? No Problem. Ten Songs Without Vocals to Help You Study

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No Words? No Problem. Ten Songs Without Vocals to Help You Study

Tarn Bregman, Assistant Editor

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With finals approaching quickly, many students are beginning to cram as end-of-semester projects are due and tests are given. Music can offer an escape from all of the stress that grades and final exams bring. For some it is easier to study while listening to music, and for others the words can be too much of a distraction.

If vocals aren’t your thing, or if you just need some music that won’t distract you from homework, here are ten songs (without vocals) to help you study.

Morning Dew – Matt Quentin

With amazing skills on the electric guitar, Matt Quentin creates a perfect song for when you’re kicking back or grinding to finish a project. The sound he creates is perfect to get lost in.

San Juan Sunset – Deodato

Eumir Deodato is an incredible musician who has worked with big names like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Wes Montgomery. With an incredible flow as a keyboardist, Deodato will leave you dreaming of a sunset as you vibe to this single.

Alone by Your Side – J’san

With a trance-like effect, this short 85 second track will put you into a relaxed daze. Perfect for any time of day, “Alone by Your Side” will leave you feeling refreshed.

By the Seaside – cbakl

From the extended play record “Summerdaze”, cbakl creates the perfect beat to remind you of that perfect beach trip. With the sounds of seagulls and a truly wavy feel, you will wish you were at the beach to watch the tide roll in.

Weed – Sleepdealer

With an upbeat sound, this is the perfect song to help make homework feel like a breeze. This song will help you get through any project with the relaxed sound it has to offer.

Feblu – Flughand

With a scratchy kind of sound, and the perfect vibe from a piano, “Feblu” may be short but it will not disappoint. Piano has never been so chill.

Water – Caleb Belkin

With a few short spoken words from Bruce Lee, “Water” is the perfect song to wash away stress. The moody and soothing sound will leave you with a cleared head.

Sunrise – mt. fujitive

With a hypnotic effect, “Sunrise” is perfect for when it’s eleven at night and you know you can’t stop studying.

mocean – tusken.

From star gazing to studying, “mocean” is great if you enjoy getting lost in music. This slow space like sound is just what you may need to get that next assignment done.

Impulse/Skyline – Joe Corfield

With a funky but calm beat, Joe Corfield has created something worth a listen. With a positive vibe, this song will keep you focused while you groove.

Photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash. Used with permission.

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About the Writer
Tarn Bregman, Assistant Editor

Tarn is a senior at La Salle. He is a varsity lacrosse player and actor in La Salle’s theater program. In his free time he enjoys photography, spending...

1 Comment

One Response to “No Words? No Problem. Ten Songs Without Vocals to Help You Study”

  1. Gavin J. Oliveira Sunderland on January 23rd, 2019 7:25 pm

    Another song that can be rather assistant in situations wherein songs devoid of words may be valuable is the finnish (karelian specifically) folk song Säkkijärven Polkka. There are varieties of this song which come with and without words. I really enjoy this song and so I hope this comes into or is found useful.

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No Words? No Problem. Ten Songs Without Vocals to Help You Study