Bird Box, the New Netflix Original That Lives Up to Expectations

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Bird Box, the New Netflix Original That Lives Up to Expectations

Mallory Middendorff, Staff Reporter

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This movie review contains some spoilers.

The 2018 screen adaptation of Josh Melerman’s novel “Bird Box” was released on Netflix on December 13, 2018 reaching 45 million member households in its first week of being released, and it then reached 80 million views after the first month.

The sci-fi thriller revolves around Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock) trying to survive in a world destroyed by a mysterious force, where if you open your eyes outside, you will die. This mother of two is attempting to escape and bring her children to safety, literally blindfolded, on a dangerous journey without knowing who to trust. The only thing to guide them to safety is the chirping of birds.

The movie flashes back and forth between two time periods, from the time the mysterious deaths began to Malorie’s journey to freedom with her children five years later. Sandra Bullock once again amazed fans with her acting talent in a role unlike anything else she’s ever done.

Throughout the film we see Malorie form new relationships and friendships with people she never thought she’d meet.

The first relationship we see is between Malorie and Olympia (Danielle Macdonald), who form a friendship while hiding out in the same house, and bond over both being pregnant. After their babies are born, Olympia is forced by Gary (Tom Hollander), to look outside and then kills herself, because of the mysterious force governing this world. This leaves Malorie parenting two newborn babies. Afraid of becoming too attached to children whom she knows are not likely to survive, Malorie names the children “Boy” and “Girl.”

Malorie also meets Tom (Trevante Rhodes) during her journey to safety. Tom lives with Malorie and helps her raise Boy and Girl. The two soon begin a romantic relationship that lasts around five years. Tom hears of a sanctuary and prepares Malorie, Boy, and Girl for the journey, but sacrifices himself to save his family before the journey truly begins. I believe Tom’s death was important for the storyline, but it was also one of the saddest moments in the film.

As the movie concludes, Malorie, Boy, and Girl reach safety in the school for the blind, after a long journey on the river. At the school, they can live with other adults and children. Only then does she rename her children, Olympia after the “sweetest girl [Malorie’s] ever met” and Tom, after the man she once loved.

The emotional and heartwarming ending perfectly wrapped up the entire experience. Malorie and her children made it to safety where they could be happy and live their lives free from fear of the unknown that had destroyed everything they’d known before.

Not only has “Bird Box” been watched by millions of people around the world, it has also sparked a cultural behavior known as the “Bird Box Challenge.” People are blindfolding themselves while doing things like walking around or preparing food. However, the challenge has gone too far in many cases, with some people attempting to drive a car while blindfolded.

This challenge has even become so popular that Netflix tweeted about it, warning the public not to participate in such activities, and YouTube posted new guidelines and said it will delete any videos that include “harmful or dangerous content” related to the challenge.

This movie was highly entertaining for the entire 124 minutes. The actors portray their characters with so much honesty and emotion. The movie was full of unexpected twists and turns that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

“Bird Box” was a thrilling movie, so if you haven’t already, I highly recommend it as your next Netflix choice.