La Salle Hosts Second Annual Christmas Posada


Sam Hull

Registrar Ms. Liz Staggs and counselor Ms. Maritza Mendez are excited to be a part of the second annual Christmas Posada.

Maya Smith, Staff Reporter

On Friday Dec. 14, La Salle will be hosting its 2nd annual Christmas Posada, a reenactment of Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay on the night of Jesus’ birth. However, they experience hardship, as everyone is turning them away. At the end of the Posada, there’s a celebration of the inn that allowed them to stay in the stable for the night.

“It is a traditional Mexican celebration during the holidays,” registrar Ms. Liz Staggs said. Ms. Staggs and counselor Ms. Maritza Mendez are the adults in charge of the celebration, and they are also the people who had the idea to introduce it to La Salle.

People who attend will be able to participate in the reenactment by going door to door with a group to each classroom, singing to the innkeepers, imagining that they’re looking for a place to stay.

“This year we’ve chosen four classrooms, and then the final destination, which is the cafeteria,” Ms. Staggs said. “It’s singing back and forth from Mary and Joseph, to the innkeepers.”

Upon reaching the final destination, there will be a party, which will consist of a potluck of homemade food and music.

“One of the parents is going to have a DJ,” Ms. Mendez said, “so we’ll have music that’s better than my Christmas playlist playing over the loudspeaker.”

This year students are becoming more involved, as “they’re doing decorations, [and] preparing ahead of time,” Ms. Staggs said. Items will also be sold at the Christmas Posada to raise money for the Unidos en Ponder Club. Senior Emily Harding, one of the club’s student leaders, said, “We’re selling ornaments for Christmas trees that have the Posada on it, and we’re also doing mugs.”

Last year was the first ever Christmas Posada held at La Salle.

“We had about 60 people who attended,” Ms. Mendez said. “It was a really good turnout for it being the first year.” 

Ms. Staggs added, “There was a piñata, and the kids had fun, and the adults did too. We had a lot of good food, [and] people [brought in] homemade [traditional, and not so traditional food.]”

“We were able to celebrate it with some people in our community who aren’t familiar with the Posada… and they came and had a great time,” Ms. Staggs said.

Ms. Mendez said, “It’s open to the community, [and] anyone that wants to come and learn about something [they] haven’t experienced. It’s really nice, and not a very formal event.”

If you’re interested in going to the Christmas Posada this Friday, RSVP to Ms. Mendez at mme[email protected], and you can then attend La Salle’s 2nd annual Christmas Posada from 6:00-8:00 p.m.