From Yeek to The Licks, Ten Songs by Artists You May Not Know


Reilly Smith

Junior Julia Tran listens to her Spotify playlist while working on homework in the library.

Maya Smith, Staff Reporter

Within the world of music, there are many different types of genres, and countless artists who aren’t as recognized as others. In my experience, artists who are not yet discovered tend to create beautiful and unique songs that often go unnoticed. Below are 10 great songs by 10 different artists, many of whom you might not be familiar with.

Shake – Yeek

In his song “Shake,” Yeek explores the fact that he doesn’t have all the time in the world, and also discusses the heartbreak and the recklessness that go along with that. With its simple guitar and drumbeat throughout, “Shake” makes for an enjoyable noise pop song. Yeek is a singer-songwriter from South Florida who creates mainly indie alternative songs.

Salt – Bad Suns

The song “Salt” gives major insight into the difficulties that arise when you are born into a body that doesn’t feel true to who you are. “Salt” demonstrates the struggle of trying to be someone you’re not, but also the battle of trying to be accepted by others when you decide to be the person you are meant to be. Bad Suns in an American rock band formed in 2012 that produces mainly alternative and indie rock songs.

Kids – Current Joys

Current Joys is an American singer-songwriter whose real name is Nick Rattigan, and is also a part of the indie-rock band Surf Curse. In his song “Kids” he identifies what it’s actually like to be a kid, teenager, and in the end an adult. The gentle guitar and soft vocals in “Kids” makes for an easy listening song that isn’t difficult to relate to.

Ella – Young and Sexy

“Ella” is a dreamy song full of nostalgia and reflecting back on all the good memories and details of the past. All the memories that make up the song are connect in the same way, which is what made a person fall in love with a girl named Ella. Young and Sexy is an alternative band that formed in 1998, and they have put out four albums from 2002-2008.

Yellow Mellow – Ocean Alley

Ocean Alley is a psychedelic surf-rock band from Sydney, Australia, that has been creating music since 2011. Their song “Yellow Mellow” has a groovy vibe, with its bouncy guitar and drum instrumental. The lyrics speak of a girl who has been causing chaos in order to find answers within her life.

Lavender Kiss – The Licks

“Lavender Kiss” is a song about a person questioning the relationship they had with their ex. They wonder why they broke up, and express their desire to have that person back. “Lavender Kiss” blends beautiful instrumental and meaningful lyrics, which makes for an extremely passionate song. The Licks are an indie alternative band that formed in 2017, and recently put out their first album titled, “How Much More.”

Strawberita – Remo Drive

Remo Drive is an emo band that incorporates elements of indie rock, and pop punk into their music. “Strawberita” is a song from their first full-length album “Greatest Hits”. This song expresses the experience of having to be around someone you absolutely do not like, and don’t want to be around. Overall this song is one that makes you want to sing along and jump around while listening to it.

Foreign Room – Telekinesis

“Foreign Room” is a song about someone who feels their life has become an untrue dream. They’re always in an unknown place, incapable of going back to the life they enjoyed prior to this feeling. Telekinesis is an indie rock band that is also described by the genre shoegazing. Their band is based out of Seattle, Washington, and began in 2007.

Before The World Was Big – Girlpool

“Before The World Was Big” is a song that discusses how hard change is, and how it’s hard not to miss the world you lived in before you grew up and gained responsibilities. Girlpool is a female indie-rock band, made up of the members Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad. The group has 3 albums out, and soon to be one more in 2019.

It’s Called: Freefall – Rainbow Kitten Surprise  

“It’s Called: Freefall” is very interesting, due to the perspective it’s given from. The song is a story within a song, about a person talking to the devil about how his friends have never been as good of a friend to him as he has been to them. Rainbow Kitten Surprise is an alternative band formed in one of Appalachian State University’s dorm rooms.