The Hunt: The Cure for Style Envy


Mary Tamashiro, Staff Reporter

Fashion is an important aspect in many people’s lives, and I have personally experienced the struggle of finding the perfect outfit. However, I have found an app called The Hunt to be helpful when I need advice on what to wear or buy.

The Hunt is the ultimate fashion app to find fashion pieces that you have been looking for but have no idea where to buy.

The first time I used the app, I posted a poll because I needed help to decide whether to get a pair of Adidas Superstars or a pair of black and white Vans. With help from The Hunt, I ended up deciding to get the Vans because of the votes they received from other users. 

The Hunt is essential when you see an outfit you like on Instagram, but have no idea where to buy it at. You can find where to buy the clothes you’re looking for on The Hunt by screenshotting and posting any outfit that you see on social media or your phone. Then you can post it to The Hunt and and write a brief description of what you are looking for—for example, the style, color, size, and your price range.

After you post your screenshot, the people in The Hunt community will help you find what you are looking for. If they recognize an item when they view your post, they can comment where they know you can get it from, and even post the link to the exact item or a similar item.

You also have the option to help others find what they want. For example, if you see a post of a shirt you have that someone is looking for, you can post the link for where to buy it to their post so that they can easily purchase the piece that they want.



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If someone finds you the item you want, you can mark it as “perfect,” so that others know you already found what you’re looking for. After viewing the items and links that The Hunt users found for you, if you are still not satisfied with the finds you can mark them “not great.” This informs other users on The Hunt that you still haven’t found the piece that you are looking for.

Hunting for outfits and helping others find their dream clothes isn’t all The Hunt has to offer. It is also the perfect app to use for style inspiration, whether you want to switch up your look or are just looking for new clothes.

There is also a celebrity tab on the app that showcases many celebrity looks and fits. This feature helps you to find the pieces celebrities are wearing, or sometimes similar clothes so you can get the same look for cheaper price.

Purchasing is made super convenient because The Hunt has a buy button which will take you directly to the product’s website, allowing you to easily buy the items you want.

The Hunt is also a good app for when you’re bored, as there are outfit polls that you can look at and vote on which outfit is cuter. You can also post your own polls if you are torn between two different outfits and need help choosing.

Another feature is the editorial tab, which has short articles on topics such as skin care, outfit ideas, or new trends. The Hunt has various stories you can read on many different topics such as self-care.

The Hunt gives you the option to “favorite” things you like by clicking the heart in the left corner. When you favorite a post it is saved to your profile so you can view it later, similar to pinning a post on Pinterest. Additionally you can follow people with similar style to you so you can see what they are looking at or favoriting if you need style inspiration.

If you want something specific and don’t want to make a “hunt” (a post), you can search for it in the search bar to check if someone else has already created a hunt for it.

Personally, I have used this search bar to find my Iridescent Adidas Superstars. I have been using The Hunt for years, and I love the convenience of the app. I no longer have to spend hours looking for a specific pair of shoes that I want; now all I have to do is take about two minutes to upload a picture of what I want, and The Hunt will find it for me. In a few hours, there is almost always at least one find. My favorite thing about the app is that it is a good way to pass time when I’m bored, and I love voting for the outfit polls to help the other users choose what to wear for the day. Overall, The Hunt is your ultimate best friend when you need new clothes, fashion advice, or just when you want to pass time.