Five Seniors Reflect on Their High School Experiences and What the Future May Hold for Them

Mallory Middendorff, Staff Reporter

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With graduation only seven and a half months away, the senior class is trying to savor their last few memories of high school and begin to plan for the future. These students have spent the last three years at La Salle creating memories, making friends, and preparing for life after graduation. Read below to find out more about these seniors, what their high school life has been like, and how they want their future to go.

Reed Crosgrove

Reed Crosgrove is looking forward to applying to the University of Oregon and many other colleges in California. Both her older sisters graduated from U of O and she has been raised as a major Duck fan, but going to college in California means she would be living near her sister. After college, Reed wants to get paid to travel the world or become an interior designer.

Before graduating, Reed plans on going to as many of the dances as she can. She also participates in the La Salle spirit club, saying that “it is so much fun to interact with so many people in such a fun environment.” Every fall, Reed loves the excitement that football games bring and dressing up for each theme.

Thinking back on her time at La Salle, Reed said, “I wish I applied myself sooner than I did for academics.” She wishes, from the start, she would have paid closer attention in class and not gotten distracted by technology so easily.

Justin Evans

Justin has already applied to Oregon State, hoping to get early acceptance. In college, Justin wants to major in Business and work his way up to CEO of a major company.

Justin is currently a varsity corner and receiver for the La Salle football team. Justin credits his academic success to his iStudy period, saying that “iStudy has helped me get my work done and not be stressed by all the assignments that continue to build up.”

Justin is very grateful for all that La Salle has given him. La Salle is where he met his best friends, his girlfriend, and has made many amazing memories. If Justin could do it all over again, he wouldn’t change the people he’s met but the way he approaches things. “I would pay more attention in classes and apply myself more when I started at La Salle,” Justin said.

Isabella Griffiths

Isabella plans on applying to Oregon State University to follow in her dad’s footsteps. She is excited to be a part of a sorority at OSU because she’s “all about the Greek life.” Isabella wants to major in kinesiology, as she is interested in becoming an occupational therapist.

The summer before college starts, Isabella wants to spend as much time with her friends as possible, travel, and continue her photography. “I love the home football games, the school dances… just being able to be [with] other students and friends,” Isabella said. She has always enjoyed getting to know new students at La Salle and making new friends, and she loves the community and atmosphere around the school.

Emma Hibler

Emma is looking forward to applying to many different colleges around the United States. She cannot wait to explore the country after graduation.

After college, Emma wants to become a pediatric nurse or an intensive care unit nurse because of her love of helping others.

Emma is currently a varsity athlete on the La Salle volleyball team. Her favorite memories from being a part of the volleyball team is “the bus rides, just singing songs for an hour on our way to an away game,” she said. “I’ll remember the little things the most.” Emma loves being on the team and building friendships with all the other girls.

Ethan Khal

Ethan plans to stay in Oregon for college so he can continue to live near his family and friends. He dreams of someday working for the United States government, but he plans on majoring in computer engineering in college.

Ethan is the varsity boys basketball team manager. In this role, he records all the games and gets to be around his friends. He chose La Salle for “its value in faith. La Salle is more like a family, so I felt like I was accepted here.” Ethan does not regret any of the friends or memories he has made at La Salle.

The only thing he would change is not participating in school activities from the start. “I wish I went to all the football games and dances with my friends starting freshman year,” he said.