Eight Stunning Songs From Movie Soundtracks


Maya Smith, Staff Reporter

Whenever you’re looking for new music there are many obvious places to discover interesting songs, such as searching YouTube or asking friends. However, I have found that the best place to find good music is while I’m watching movies.

The purpose of music in movies is to enhance emotion, and contribute to what’s going on in the scene at that time. For me, movies are the place where I find most of my music, because I enjoy all the different moods they set during certain scenes, and generally it’s music I’ve never heard before. Here’s a sampling of some of the movies I’ve enjoyed, and the songs I’ve discovered while watching them.


Asthma” is a movie about a musician who gives a ride to a tattoo artist in a stolen car, and who then ends up making a connection along the way. This movie illustrates a new perspective on the complicated romance that happens when you become infatuated with someone you don’t know a lot about.

Baby Blue — King Krule: This indie/alternative song starts with a mellow guitar that gives you a feeling of tranquility, which is the perfect lead-in to when King Krule starts singing with his soothing deep voice. “Baby Blue” is the type of song that makes you want to relax and let your mind wander while you listen to it.

Call It Fate, Call It Karma — The Strokes: The Strokes are an American rock band with many more popular songs besides this one, but “Call It Fate, Call It Karma” is definitely worth diving into the archives to listen to. It alternates between two different moods, one calm and the other more edgy.


“Fight Club”

“Fight Club” has a very intricate plot about a seemingly normal guy who suffers from insomnia and depression who is searching for a way to cope with it. He befriends a soap salesman, and together the two start a club that helps people deal with their issues. The end of this movie will blow your mind.

Where Is My Mind? — Pixies: Pixies is an alternative rock band from the 90’s that didn’t achieve full popularity until breaking up and reuniting in 2004. If you’ve ever felt disconnected from yourself, and felt like no one could understand how you feel, then you should give the song “Where Is My Mind” a listen.


“The First Time”

“The First Time” is about a guy trying to ask his long time crush out. While he’s practicing a speech he’s going to give to her, he meets an interesting new girl who gives him advice on the situation. They become friends, but their relationship soon escalates, and the couple has to work to overcome certain bumps in their relationship.

Vampire’s Kiss — John Gold: John Gold’s song “Vampire’s Kiss” has a nice, soft beat that works very well with its lyrics. This song describes what it’s like being young and in love, but also what it’s like to get hurt or used by people you care about. You can interpret the song in different ways, because it has many different messages that are hidden beneath the surface.

Wait For me — Motopony: This song by Motopony is very melodious, especially during the chorus when it goes into a two part harmony. “Wait For Me” makes you feel at peace with its beautiful lyrics about a girl that was imagined in a dream, and how sometimes you have to wait for the right person to come into your life.


“The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” is about a group of seniors who take an outcast freshman, Charlie, under their guidance. They give him many memorable experiences and him help adapt to high school. Charlie always understands and doesn’t ask or involve himself in things that do not concern him; his friends appreciate him greatly for it. His friends help him out with issues he faces, making this an interesting drama movie.

Come on Eileen — Dexys Midnight Runners: This Irish influenced indie/alternative song makes you want to sing and dance as much as you can. “Come on Eileen” is a very upbeat and happy song with great instrumentals including different fiddles, the accordion, and the piano.


“Stuck in Love”

“Stuck in Love” is a movie about three members of a family that all have difficulties seeking love. Each person is dealing with different complications, such as loving someone who has moved on from them, fearing love, and trying to fix the the one you love’s problems; this movie teaches us about how all relationships are always growing and changing.

Between the Bars — Elliott Smith: This song makes you think about people you care about and makes you want to be able to protect them from anything bad. Elliott Smith’s gravelly voice and soothing guitar make for a wonderful sounding song with a sentimental meaning.

Home — Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros: Hearing the song “Home” makes you think of all your friends and family in your life that you care about. There’s always certain people who you always feel at home and comfortable with. This song will make you think of those people and the memories you’ve had with them.