Next Level Seniors: Andy Krueger to Compete in Triathlon for Queens University


Kierra Young, Assistant Editor

Next fall, Andy Krueger will be competing in triathlon for Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina.

Krueger is a part of several seniors committed to playing college sports that we are profiling for our Next Level Seniors series.

He has competed in triathlons since he was 10 years old, taking part in more than 60 races since then.

“At the age of 10, I would have never have guessed that I would take triathlon as far as I have and I didn’t even know there was an opportunity to race in college,” Krueger said.

Most colleges have club triathlon teams because the sport is not an NCAA sport for men yet. However, Queen’s has a men’s varsity team, meaning that the college privately funds the program, allowing it to offer scholarship money.

“My proudest accomplishment thus far is being named USA Triathlon junior athlete of the year for 2017,” Krueger said.

He was given the title after winning his age group, the national championship, and becoming the first American in all age groups to attend the amateur world championships last September.

“I want to race triathlon for Queens because I want to continue to get faster,” Krueger said. “I also am excited to be surrounded by other triathletes 24/7.”

“My goals for next year are to help Queens win the national championship for triathlon,” Krueger continued.

Many student athletes struggle with the time commitment for pursuing a college sport along with their studies. Krueger believes he’s prepared for the struggle.

“I already spend a significant amount time training and have to balance that with school work,” Krueger said. “I’m not expecting my life to get any busier than it already is.”

He plans to continue to compete in triathlons during the summer before traveling to Queens.

“I’m excited to head to Queens with two other close triathlon friends and competitors next year. In fact, one of my triathlon buddies from Colorado is going to be my roommate,” Krueger said.

He is excited to see more of the campus and meet other people when he travels to Queens.

“In the fall, I’m most looking forward to exploring Charlotte on my bike with my new teammates,” Krueger said.

Krueger’s advice for other student athletes focuses on trying to stand out and learning to improve your skills.

“My advice for people who want to play sports in college is find something that you are naturally good at and then spend hours upon hours working to get better,” Krueger said. “College sports are becoming increasingly competitive, and the best way to stand out from others is to spend more time getting better than they do.”