Starting Next Year, the Walkathon Is Moving to St. La Salle Day

Maggie Rasch, Staff Reporter

Starting next school year, the Walkathon is being moved to St. La Salle Day, and students should expect bigger and better things with these two events merged together, according to Mr. Day, the Vice President of Advancement.

The purpose of the Walkathon is to fundraise money for the 56% of students who are given financial aid while at La Salle. Since debuting in 2015, the Walkathon has been held each September, but with the date so early in the school year, it can be hard for incoming students to become active and comfortable in the school community while also needing to fundraise.

According to Mr. Day, changing the day of the Walkathon creates a better opportunity for all students to successfully fundraise for this important cause. “Moving the Walkathon to the right spot of the year helps us reach that goal,” said Mr. Day.

Not only is holding the Walkathon in September difficult for students, but it’s hard on teachers as well. “At the start of the year, it’s always tricky for teachers who are starting their courses, and starting their school year,” Mr. Day said.

“On top of all of that, they have trouble getting students involved in fundraising and getting them motivated,” Mr. Day said. “Especially our ninth grade teachers who were just getting to know the students at the same time.”

In addition to the change in date of the Walkathon, the selling of Christmas wreaths will be coming back next fall as an optional way to help reach the individual fundraising expectation of $150. That way students have the option of either selling a product to raise money during the Christmas season, or asking family or neighbors to donate to La Salle for the Walkathon. It also lets students have more freedom over how to meet their obligation of helping the school community.

With summer right around the corner, students will likely be able to enjoy nice weather during the Walkathon next year. As students walk around the La Salle campus during the Walkathon, many activities and foods will continue to be provided for students. This year, the Walkathon provided a blow-up obstacle course, pancakes, and a water balloon fight with the faculty. Although the school is combining St. La Salle Day’s carnival with the Walkathon, all the same activities that were featured during St. La Salle week will still be offered.

The student leadership team will be helping Mrs. Banta with the big festival during the Walkathon, as well as the different types of interactive games that will be featured during St. La Salle Day.

“They are largely responsible for all the logistics of the fun part of it. It’s going to be fun. The student leaders have a ton of great ideas,” said Mr. Day. “I think they really understand the opportunity here, and how to really elevate it to make it something more engaging for students. So I’m confident that it’s going to be a ton of fun.”