Music Review: Kyle’s “Light of Mine” Is Emotional and Incomplete

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Music Review: Kyle’s “Light of Mine” Is Emotional and Incomplete

Tarn Bregman, Staff Reporter

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Love, relationships, truthfulness, happiness, sadness, and resilience — these are few of the themes found in Kyle’s impressive new album.

On May 18 rapper Super Duper Kyle, also known as Kyle, released, “Light of Mine”, his third studio album. The album is an emotional roller coaster, focusing on Kyle’s past relationships and his struggle to find happiness and self love.

The album includes many of Kyle’s recent hit singles including “iSpy”, “To The Moon”, and “Playinwitme”. It also includes several never-before-heard songs including “Clouds”, “iMissMe”, and “Ups & Downs”.

The album is a story about Kyle’s emotions, past relationships, and how he found happiness when life was getting him down. The songs speak about Kyle’s feelings of being used, his experiences with breakups, feelings of being alone, and how in the end he was still able to be happy.

“Light of Mine” has a wonderful meaning and story. The beats are fantastic and the flow is amazing, but the writing of the album detracts from all of the other things he does well.

In general, Kyle’s flow and writing style is undeniably good, but somehow “Light of Mine” does not live up to his previous albums. Kyle’s first two albums “Beautiful Loser” and “Smyle” were excellent works of art, but “Light of Mine” flows as if it were an early piece of writing with many parts unfinished, paired with poor rhyme choice.

Kyle makes it clear in the lyrics that self love is something he has struggled with for a long time, however the listener is left not understanding why Kyle struggles with self love. Kyle fails to explain why he has problems and what he is doing to solve them. He simply changes subjects without addressing the issues he originally brought to light.

Another issue with this album is the writing and rhyming. In the songs “iMissMe” and “ShipTrip”, Kyle rhymes words with the exact same word on multiple occasions. This comes off as rushed, and sloppy, taking away from the true skill Kyle has as a rapper.  

Overall, the album contains some amazing songs; however, these songs were hit singles before they could have been found on the album. The songs almost appear to be there to fill in what is missing from the album, leaving the album as a whole feeling unfinished. Even so, “Light of Mine” is still an impressive collection of tracks despite its issues. 

My overall rating: 7/10

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