Boys Lacrosse Defeats Cleveland Warriors in Double Overtime

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Maggie Rasch , Staff Reporter

La Salle’s boys lacrosse team won a huge victory Monday night against the Cleveland Warriors in a hard-fought battle that ended in double overtime. Taking the win was a big comeback for the team, and they expect to keep the momentum going.

The lacrosse season is more than halfway done since they’ve played nine games, and there are a total of fifteen games in their season. Before Monday’s game, the boys had a 1-7 record, with their one win against Hillsboro. They now have six games left in the season. Although the team got off to a rocky start, they now have ambitious hopes for the rest of the season.

La Salle’s team consists of two freshmen, three sophomores, six juniors, and seven seniors. The boys are led by captains Zac Foteff, senior, and juniors Andrew Shireman and Thomas Presnall. 

The boys started the game off strong with a lead of two within the first quarter, and ended it with a 2-1 lead. Cleveland has a stacked team, compared to the small La Salle roster, and the stands were mainly filled with Warriors fans.

By halftime, Cleveland came back and tied the game at 3-3. When the third quarter came to a close, the Warriors had scored two more points while La Salle scored none. The boys started to get angry and upset. The game wasn’t going well and their opponents were fired up from the comeback they had made.

With three minutes left in the fourth quarter, it seemed like the Falcons were defeated. However, they still managed to score a point to make the game a bit closer. This gave the boys hope for a possible shot at redemption.

The last minute of the game came fast, and the boys were still struggling to get a final point to tie it up. However, with only 28 seconds left, senior Matthew Salisbury made a goal, leading to a score of 5-5 at the end of the fourth quarter.

Overtime began with both sides eager to make the first goal. Each overtime only lasts four minutes with a break in between. Whoever scores first wins the whole game. The first overtime ended with the same score, 5-5. By the time the second overtime began, everyone was fighting until the very last second. The La Salle boys eventually made their way down the field, and senior Isaac Bridgeman scored to secure the win with his third goal.

All the boys cheered loud as they celebrated their victory on the field. Coach Quintana, otherwise known by the boys as Coach Q, said after the game, “I’m extremely proud of my boys that they pulled through and won the game.”

The boys lacrosse team plays away at Wilsonville on Monday at 7:30 p.m., so come support your fellow Falcons!