Student of the Week: Ellie Low


Emily Hawkins, Staff Reporter

Junior Ellie Low has dialed in how to manage academics and sports, while still finding time to spend with her family and friends. Throughout her two and a half years at La Salle, she has maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.78, while balancing a challenging course load and participating in many extracurricular activities. Ellie is taking three advanced classes this year: AP English III, AP U.S History, and Honors French III.

Ellie’s favorite class is Chemistry because she feels like she grasps the concepts very well and enjoys the material. Mr. Owen, her Chemistry teacher, says, “Ellie is an incredibly thoughtful and hardworking student. She consistently gives her best and is eager to learn.”

Outside the brick walls of La Salle, Ellie loves spending time with her friends and watching Lifetime movies. She has recently discovered a new hobby as well, which is playing the guitar. In addition, Ellie has been dancing since she was three years old and is currently a dancer on Clackamas High School’s dance team.

Ellie attends a weekly youth group at Abundant Life Church, which she calls “heartwarming” and “the happiest time of the week and the only day of the week I truly look forward to.”

Offering advice to other students, Ellie recommends buying a calendar or a planner. She says, “If I write it down, I know it will happen and I will remember.” Ellie also reminds others not to over commit themselves and manage time well.

While Ellie is exemplary at managing her priorities, she admits “La Salle is a very hard school” and “it does cause me a lot of stress.” However, she says that she remembers how lucky she is to receive an education from here, so she does not want to “slack off” in her studies.

One of Ellie’s biggest dreams is to attend New York University upon graduating from La Salle. She also wants to enroll in medical school and hopes to become a physician’s assistant. She is undecided on what type of physician’s assistant, but she would like to work with children.