Best New TV Show: “Everything Sucks!”


Maggie Rasch, Staff Reporter

On February 16th, Netflix released another original series, “Everything Sucks!” The series follows high school students in the town of Boring, Oregon during 1996, embracing the 90’s vibe as a result of incorporating music by artists like Oasis along with the outdated fashion of the era.  

The show features two different groups of teenagers, the drama and the AV club. Each group is full of students trying to express themselves in the only way they know how. The drama club consists of ambitious upperclassmen who have big dreams of becoming famous actors and actresses. In contrast, the AV club consists of scared underclassmen whose only goal is surviving high school. The club was talented in all things audiovisual, and specialized in filmstrips and film projectors.

When something gets in the way of the drama club’s production of their play, they blame the kids of the AV club. After eventually putting aside their differences, the clubs decide to work together by combining their individual skills to make a movie.

The series explores the awkward ups and downs of high school. Each character has his or her own personal struggles that they have to overcome. The show has an unexpected, lovable addiction as the episodes go on.

Luke O’Neil, an aspiring director, is starting his freshman year at Boring High School. His inspiration comes from his father, an aspiring filmmaker, who left him and his mom when he was younger. However, when he meets Kate Messner, a sophomore in the AV club, he gives all his attention to her.

Kate Messner, an introvert, struggles with the reality of her dad being the principal of Boring High. Kate also fights with the memories of her mother passing a couple years ago. But just like any high school student, Kate is trying to find herself within those four years, as she doesn’t quite know who she is yet.

As the characters grow, they learn how to take risks and be themselves. They discover that true friendship involves trust and honesty. The show creates an emotional attachment towards all the characters as the episodes progress.

Not only does the show look at the students of this high school, but it also takes a look into the lives of parents. It explores a single parent’s stress raising a child on their own, and reveals the dating life can be the hardest part.

Sherry O’Neil, the single mother of Luke, wants to become more active in her son’s life, but wrestles with her job as a flight attendant. In the series, Sherry unexpectedly decides to jump back into the dating game when she meets someone who understands her struggles, which causes some commotion within the characters.

Hidden deep within the quirky show is a coming-out story. The series contains a realistic view of what it was like to be gay in an American high school in the 1990’s, and the challenges that come along with coming out.

By the time the ten episodes of “Everything Sucks!” end, the outcomes are very different from what you may have predicted at the beginning of the show. Not to mention, the show finishes with a shocking turn of events that leaves you praying Netflix decides to order another season for this enjoyable TV series.

Overall, my rating for the show is 8.5/10. The series was fun to watch, and I highly recommend taking time to watch this 90’s comedy. If you need a new Netflix show to binge watch, “Everything Sucks!” is the perfect show for you.