Athlete of the Week: Colby Jansen

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Athlete of the Week: Colby Jansen

Dakota Canzano, Staff Reporter

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Colby Jansen has been playing basketball for most of her life.

She’s a 17-year-old senior at La Salle and is the tallest player on her team. Colby is a whopping 5-foot-10, plays center-forward, and is one of the team captains along with senior Taycee Wedin.

Colby said she learned to lead her team by stepping back in previous seasons and watching her older sister, Ally, a former Falcon.

Colby also played other sports but connected more with basketball.

“I tried playing volleyball in middle school and I couldn’t really do it because it’s not really a contact sport,” she said. “I like being aggressive and getting all my frustrations out.” 

Her favorite memory is traveling to Oregon State’s Gill Coliseum and competing in the playoffs her junior season.“We always just get into trouble, we just mess around and it’s just good bonding,” she said laughing.

As for her basketball experience at La Salle so far, Colby already has two state championships under her belt with a chance to win a third this season.

Jansen smiled when asked about her overall experience. “It’s been incredible, just all four years have been. I haven’t had a negative season,” she said. “It’s all been really fun. It’s a lot better than I could’ve imagined coming in as a freshman. So, I’m gonna miss it a lot.” 

Colby is averaging 7 points and 4.1 rebounds for the team, which finished 14-0 in league play. The Lady Falcons play their first playoff game at home at 7 pm this Friday against Corvallis.

When asked what she would miss most about playing basketball at La Salle, Colby didn’t hesitate to say, “The team. Just the people. We always joke how we’re like a sisterhood but we actually are. They’re all like my sisters and I love all of them. I’m definitely going to miss them.”

Colby has some good tips for students thinking about trying out for the upcoming season.

She said, “Have a really good work ethic and just show how hard you work because our coach, Kelli Wedin, definitely values hard work over talent any day. So, as long as you’re dedicated and willing to put in the time and effort you’re golden.”