A Look At La Salle’s Clubs


Members of La Salle’s Dance Club

Michaela Carter, Staff Reporter

In addition to all the clubs that have already been instituted at La Salle in the previous years, many more were created this year. Each club allows students to share their interests and hobbies with their fellow peers and teachers, and all of these clubs give the La Salle community the opportunity to bond and connect with students throughout all grade levels. To find out more about this year’s clubs, we contacted the students in charge of each club, and also listed the staff moderator.

Chamber Music Club: Ting-Chien Huang and Mr. Donnelly

Mr. Donnelly and Ting-Chien Huang are in charge of the Chamber Music Club. It is a club “for classical string musicians to practice playing music in a small group setting.” The club is quite small, but is open for any new members who are interested in developing timing and listening skills when playing an instrument. Ting-Chien says the club “develops life skills including communication and teamwork because members must be able to communicate and work together to perfect the performance.”

Off Road Club: Madison Jefferis, Trevor Gray, and Mr. Donnelly

Mr. Donnelly, a busy teacher with interests in many different activities, is now in charge of the Off Road Club. Off Road club is for those who ride a dirt bike, quad, or other off road vehicle. They plan on riding together at least once this year. Sophomore Madison Jefferis shows her enthusiasm about the club, saying that she likes “that we now have a group of people, even though it’s small, that share an interest and we can build a community of people who love the sport.”

Photography Club: Rebecca Ly, Bao Huynh, and Mr. Kane
Seniors Rebecca Ly and Bao Huynh collaborated with English teacher Mr. Kane to showcase the creativity that is possible with photography. The club was made in hopes of helping to create a more personal yearbook, in addition to helping the journalism class with more pictures. As a club, they also have an Instagram account (@lsccp.photography) where they post many of their pictures. Rebecca says the club “is a very informal club and participation depends on the individual.”

Sister to Sister Club: Sabrina Sandberg, Brigid Hanley, Mrs. Kelvin, and Mrs. Moran

Sister to Sister Club is a new club introduced to La Salle this year. It is a club that supports women issues, like domestic abuse, female homelessness, sex trafficking, and other relevant issues. In addition to the student leaders of the club, it is also led by two female teachers at La Salle, Mrs. Kelvin and Mrs. Moran. Senior Sabrina Sandberg says: “We will be raising awareness for these issues within our community and also working with groups that combat them.” The club aims to make a real world impact within the lives of women and girls within the La Salle community and to allow others to help to the best of their ability.

Ultimate Frisbee Club: Silas Petersen, Ross Poteet, and Mrs. Schuster 

Silas Petersen created the Ultimate Frisbee Club this year. It is a club that meets together to toss around a Frisbee and play for fun. Silas says, “It is a brand new club meant for having a good time and playing Frisbee.” The club has become very popular this year with around 70 students participating. The students meet on the first Sunday of every month in the afternoon, but if the demand is high the club plans to meet more often.

Volunteer Club: Mia Ly and Mr. Mac

Mia Ly is continuing her sister’s legacy by leading volunteer club this year. Her sister, Emma Ly ’17, started the club four years ago but, since she graduated last year, Mia has taken over her position.

Mia’s plans for the club this year are “to help out at the Humane Society, plant trees, make cards for hospital patients, start [collection] drives and many more [things].” Volunteer Club is a great club to meet new people while also helping others who are in need.

Youth Ending Slavery Club: Amira Tripp Folsom and Ms. Kessler 

The YES (Youth Ending Slavery) club is another new club that was created this year. It consists of students who want to help in the fight against modern day slavery. Amira, head member of the club, states: “Human trafficking is a huge issue in Portland because of its location on the I-5 corridor, making it easy to traffic men, women, and children up and down the west coast and also to Canada. It is also a problem worldwide.”  The club’s main focus is finding ways that students can make an impact regarding this issue. The club plans to put on events to raise awareness about human-trafficking and hold fundraisers to raise money to give to foundations. “[The Youth Ending Slavery club] is led entirely by students who have a passion for social justice,” says Amira. “YES has established chapters (clubs) in over fourteen schools in Oregon and La Salle is the newest chapter.”

In addition to all the clubs mentioned, there are many clubs students are able to participate in that were not quoted above. The Falconer staff did not hear back from the moderators of these clubs, but you can talk to them personally if you want more information:

  • Boys and Girls Club (Danny Ngyuen, Ms. Mendez)
  • Chess Club (John Nguyen, Nic Richardson, Mr. Heineck)
  • Computer Science Club (Ting-Chien Huang, Mr. Donnelly)
  • Dance Club (Nicole Khoury, Joie Barnett, Aislinn McCarthy, Ms. Dooley)
  • Dungeons and Dragons Club (Gabriel Mesa, Ms. Dooley)
  • Equality Alliance (Grant Starr, Mr. Devine)
  • Feline Friday (Christian Gomez, Ms. Coleman)
  • Maui Monday (Ian Pearson, Tarn Bregman, Mrs. Banta)
  • Meme Club (Caitlyn Pliska, Mr. Voge)
  • Mental Health Awareness Club (Annie Hoang, Mrs. Kelvin, Ms. Swift)
  • Outdoor Club (Ms. Kessler, Mr. Barstow)
  • Vegan Club (Anna Kay, Maren Kain, Mr. Cozzoli)
  • Writing Club (Isadora Colpo, Ms. McDonald)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Club (Long Tran, Mr. Kendrick).