Track Star Philicia Robinson Sets Her Eyes on State

Kendal Shride, Staff Reporter

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There is no doubt that Philicia Robinson was born to run. The junior track star is a devoted athlete with an impressive record. Now in her third year on varsity, Philicia continues to devour the competition, and once again is gearing up to compete at her third state meet. Closing up her junior track season, with districts tomorrow and Friday, we asked Philicia to reflect on her past accomplishments and share her goals for the much anticipated state meet.


When did you start track and what inspired you?

  • “I started track in the 5th grade and went all the way to nationals that year in both relays (the 4×100 and 4×400), and the 200. I didn’t run track in middle school but I started back up my freshman year of high school. I think I always knew that I had the ability to run fast. Growing up I would always race my friends and I knew I had a special gift not many people had. I started track because I was confident it was the right sport for me with my given talents.”

What do you enjoy most about track and what is the most difficult aspect?

  • “What I enjoy most are the post-feelings after having a good race/run. One of the best feelings is making my team proud and being surrounded by my friends cheering me on. It is always a good feeling when I do good in race or PR because it reflects how much I am improving. I think the most difficult thing about track is the workouts and how consistent you have to be with your daily routines. It is so easy to get hurt so everything you do has to be precise.”

What events do you run and which are your favorite/strongest?

  • “I run the 4×100, 100, 200, 400, and the 4×400, [with] the 200 and the 4×400 being my favorite events by far. My strongest event is the 200. I have taken first in the 200 in every meet I’ve ran in this season and I plan on running the 200 at state again and making my way up on the podium from placing 6th in state last year.”

What are your best accomplishments?

  • “I think ranking 6th in the 200 at state last year was a great accomplishment. As well as holding two school records so far, only being a junior.”

How is your season going so far?

  • “This season hasn’t been too great for me, but it isn’t over yet so I’m hoping to accomplish the rest of my goals of getting a few more PRs and going to state for multiple events. My times for all of my events have significantly changed and improved since freshman year and I’m only getting better and more versatile. I’ve been putting my main focus into the 200 and I’m trying to better myself in the 400 so I can possibly go to state for it.”

How do you feel about this year’s team?

  • “I definitely enjoyed last year’s team more than this year. There was just more energy and more friendships I had last year and this year just doesn’t compare. It’s been a rough season and all the athletes can agree to that, but I know everyone will try to finish strong.”

Are you planning on doing track in college?

  • “Yes, I want to do track in college. If that opportunity is offered to me I am definitely going to take it because I know I have the potential.”


Good luck to Philicia and the rest of the track team as they compete in districts and look ahead to state next week!