Students Prepare for the Anxiety and Rewards of AP Tests

Maddie Pfeifer and Taylor Foster

Starting this Monday May 1st, many students will be starting the annual ritual known as AP testing. These Advanced Placement tests will happen throughout the next two weeks during school hours as students utilize the knowledge that they have been learning all year in their AP classes. From English to Chemistry to Calculus, students are taking a variety of tests.

The cost per test is $100, but the payoff can be much more significant: with a high enough score (the criteria varies from college to college), a student can skip an introductory college class potentially saving many hundreds of dollars. The full schedule for this year’s tests can be found here.

Whether it is for the college credit, the GPA boost, or just for the challenge, a large amount of juniors and seniors are preparing for their upcoming tests. Several shared their thoughts on how they think the next two weeks will go:

Video by Taylor Foster, Staff Reporter

Good luck to all La Salle students taking an AP test in the next two weeks!