Humans of La Salle: What are Students Giving up for Lent?

Maddie Pfeifer and Kendal Shride

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Today, Ash Wednesday, begins the season of Lent. During these next 40 days, as traditionally done, many people are giving something up or vowing to do something better to prepare for Easter. 

In this edition of Humans of La Salle, students were asked what they are doing for the 2017 season of Lent.


Lauren Fitzpatrick:

“I’m giving up Gatorade. I want to be healthier and drink more water.”


Daniel Finkle:

“I’m giving up cinnamon gum because it has too much sugar.”


Isabella Griffiths:

“I’m giving up social media to spend more time with my family and work on my relationships and focus more on God.”


Mitchell Rask:

“I’m going to give up caffeine. Every morning, I have a triple double shot of caffeine in my frappuccino. This will help me access my natural energy.”


Abby Green-Hoke:

“I’m giving up soda because it is not good for you and I want to have a healthier lifestyle and this is a good step towards that.”


Tony Huynh:

“I’m giving up hamburgers, because I love meat, which I think shows good sacrifice.”


Evans Brackenbrough:

“I’m giving up soda, but I’m also going to do other things and work on being nicer too.”


Gabi and Simone Stoney:

“We’re giving up Dutch. We spend too much money on it.”


Connor Denning:

“I’m giving up fast food because it is unhealthy and I eat it too much.”


Emily McCoy:

“I’m giving up added sugars.”



Today marks the first day in this year’s Lenten journey. These students will be spending the next 40 days giving up a variety of things. Are you giving up something for Lent? Let us know in the comment section below!