10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Ms. Vermeychuk


Reilly Nesen, Staff Reporter

Ms. Stephanie Vermeychuk, also known as Ms. Verm, is an English teacher here at La Salle who teaches English 2 and Creative Writing. She has been teaching for 20 years but this year is her first at La Salle. Her humor and excellent teaching skills have given her students a great first impression here at La Salle, and students report that she is very understanding and knows how to relate to the life of a teenage student.

For the people who don’t know Ms. Vermeychuk well, or who just want to know more, here are ten facts that you might not have known about her, all in her own words.


  1. I have a 3 and a half year old son, Jackson, who has never had his hair cut. I tell him his hair is the source of his power.


  1. I write a food blog and have taught cooking and nutrition classes in the past.


  1. I moved to Portland after spending 10 years in Southern California where it never rains, and I am really enjoying the variety in the weather here.


  1. I own my own business, and I organize and run CrossFit events in California. I am hoping to begin running events in Oregon soon.


  1. I was born and raised in Delaware, the 1st state.


  1. I played professional volleyball in DC on a team in a very short-lived women’s indoor professional league.


  1. I scored the game winning free throw in a basketball game when I was in 7th grade.


  1. I have a 145 pound Bullmastiff named Maximus.


  1. I am participating in my first Strongman competition in March.


  1. Scrabble is my favorite board game.


For those who have her as a teacher, what is your favorite thing about Ms. Verm? Let us know in the comments below.