The Problem with the Media Obsessing Over The Lives of Celebrities

Ben Wease, Staff Reporter

When was the last time you questioned a celebrity’s values and if they truly resonated with the values that you hold true to yourself? We as a society tend to glorify celebrities and often get misinterpretations of them because of what the media portrays them to be.

Often, the media tends to portray celebrities’ values that may not be similar to the lower or middle class U.S citizens. A majority of us get a lot of false values from celebrities that we do not genuinely glorify or look up to. The media gets to choose what values these celebrities hold and, as a result, what to show us.

I personally think that the media and our society obsess way too much over celebrities and their personal lives because we are always hearing about them in the news.

A good example of this would be the classic MTV show, Cribs. It’s a show that has celebrities give tours of their houses and cars. Why do people need to see this? I don’t find this compelling to read or watch because it’s just praising how great their houses look and rich they are.

We don’t need to see how many fancy cars they have or what’s the most expensive thing they have in their house.  Instead they should be highlighting how these celebrities are donating their time and money to the less fortunate. In today’s world, the media seems to focus more on how important the materialistic things are.

Kim Kardashian is another prime example of this. She only gained so much attention because she was friends with Paris Hilton, the actress and singer. Since the media was so involved in her life 24/7, she soon got the spotlight of being a very popular celebrity. It’s not clear what she has done to earn her status and her million dollar paychecks.

Since the media pays close attention to the celebrities, I think it makes our society appear to be filled with people with the wrong morals and values.

People in the media also praise professional athletes all the time. For example, Colin Kaepernick is always being focused on for what he did in the beginning of the season. Ever since he first took the knee during the National Anthem, the media has been all over him.

If the news channels didn’t talk about it all the time then he may have stopped doing it; however, since they covered it for several weeks, it seemed to only help him out because it gave him more exposure for his actions.

Adolescents nowadays tend to worry about making money in order to get the materialistic things that they want. This portrays our society being filled with people who don’t care about their values and morals but rather just wanting things that their money can buy.

Kylie Jenner is another example. She first got a little recognition when she appeared on the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Nine years after the show, she has more than 57 million followers on Instagram. She now holds the spot of being the most followed celebrity on Snapchat and has been able to boost her wealth and celebrity status because of her social media accounts.

She’s gained all this attention not just from the media but also from people. Since she’s dating Tyga, I think she gains more of the spotlight while being with him just because of his celebrity status as a rapper.

Today, kids have the access to social media where information about celebrities is everywhere. Keeping up with celebrities requires you to follow them on all of their social media.  They wait at airports, houses and restaurants just to get the perfect shot of them.

However, it’s not just the paparazzi that are taking photos of celebrities. Most people have cell phones that can take pictures so if you see a famous person walking down the street, so pull out your phone and snap a shot! However, there is nothing wrong with taking a photo of a celebrity, but if it is your job to take them 24/7 then it can cross the line into being obsessive.

The media uses everything in order to sell a person on a story. They are such a big part of our lives these days that most of us cannot even steer away from it at times. We as individuals get caught up in the emotions that the media tends to present to us.

It’s interesting to see how driven we are when it comes to looking up and admiring celebrities. The reality is that these celebrities are normal people just like you and me. They are doing their job just like everyone else, but they get paid more and get national exposure.

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