Could Dak Prescott Lead ‘America’s Team’ Back to Super Bowl Gold?

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Could Dak Prescott Lead ‘America’s Team’ Back to Super Bowl Gold?

Shak Saidjanov, Staff Reporter

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The National Football League is struggling: controversy and boredom, among other factors, have resulted in the lowest viewership numbers in years. As a result, the league has been desperately looking for a spark, hoping that some of the teams that made the NFL a weekend tradition could hopefully put on a captivating show to make football great again.

As week 14 of the 2016 season commences, it is safe to say the Dallas Cowboys, the franchise once deemed “America’s Team”, have answered that call, though not at all in the way fans expected — the loss of a starting quarterback and the birth of a new star has caused a stir of excitement in the once faltering league.

After finally returning to Dallas football practices last week following a severe back injury, Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo was in for a rude awakening when he learned his backup, Dak Prescott, would continue to play quarterback in his place.

Romo suffered a serious fracture in his lower back during an August 25th preseason game against the Seahawks, an injury that fans (at the time) marked as an early end to the struggling Cowboys. In a desperate effort to compete while Romo was out, Dallas management reluctantly placed rookie Dak Prescott into the starting QB position.

14 weeks into the NFC season, coaches are now refusing to take Prescott out.

With 19 touchdowns, 2,974 cumulative carrying yards, and only two interceptions the entire season, Dak Prescott has exceeded expectations from coaches and fans. His passion, alongside notable teammates such as famed Ezekiel Elliott and Dez Bryant, helped create one of the best offenses in the league.

Indeed, Dallas is the top ranked team in the NFC East, and after their triumph over the Minnesota Vikings last Thursday night, the Cowboys keep their winning streak, and have managed to go nearly undefeated, losing only one game thus far in the official season.

For Tony Romo, these are bittersweet victories. As long as the Cowboys continue to perform under Dak Prescott’s leadership, Romo will continue his solemn stance on the sidelines. During a press conference, Romo stated that “Dak Prescott, and what he’s done, he’s earned the right to be our quarterback… as hard as that is for me to say, he’s earned that right. He’s guided our team to an 8-1 record [as of week 9], and that’s hard to do.”

But leading an already incredible offense to an exceptional record is different than taking home a Super Bowl win. Going to the Super Bowl would likely mean facing potentially mightier foes, such as the New England Patriots, a team that beat Dallas 30-6 during their previous match up; other teams also have the potential of wiping out Dallas as well.   

But as some fans point out and Dak Prescott proves, stranger things have happened this season. Who’s to say a Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl win couldn’t be America’s next big upset?

Yet, the question remains: Can Dak Prescott, a rookie quarterback, carry the franchise once dubbed ‘America’s Team’ back to Super Bowl stardom? The Cowboys are now in a better position to climb that mountain than they have been for years. A stellar offense, a competitive defense, a standout ranking, seemingly unstoppable momentum, and now a surprisingly valuable quarterback could create the perfect combination.

Simply put, the Cowboys have a very strong chance of going to the Super Bowl this year if Dak Prescott can continue to live up to his newfound reputation and the newfound faith in the Cowboys.

Even if Tony Romo has to continue to wear a coach’s headset.


Are you a Cowboys fan? Or a non-believer in Dak Prescott? What is your Super Bowl 2017 prediction? Let us know in the comment section.    

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